San Francisco Wine Dinner/Tasting (Thursday, April 13th)

Date and time: Thursday, April 13th at 7pm Pacific
Location: Mezze and Mooore, 198 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA
Theme: Riesling (though subject to change if people want to do something different)

I am going to set a cap at 12 attendees – so we have two more spots. Please let me know if you are interested on this thread.

@Yao_C (+1)

There seems to be some interest in doing a wine dinner/tasting in San Francisco on April 13th.

I think the idea is something very casual and relaxed (geeky wine rather than trophy wine focused). Sounds like it is going to be riesling, but any theme could work, so feel free to make suggestions.

The dinner is going to be at a place in the Mission that serves solid mezze and Middle-Eastern food and they don’t charge corkage. Extremely casual place, but I’ve brought in wine several times and usually other tables are bringing in their own bottles too.

Please respond to this thread if you are interested. No attendee cap – they can accommodate a large group.

Sounds cool. Count me in as long as the date works out for me.

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I would love to join in.

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Thanks @robert_creth and @BillK for reaching out.

Right now I’m wide open the weeks of April 3rd and April 10th. Do days during those two weeks work for you all?

(The last two weeks of April get a little hectic for me, but depending on the days, I have some availability).

I’d be interested in joining if dates permit - please let me know if you have any specifics in mind

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I think right now I’m looking at sometime in the first two weeks of April.

I can do later April or even May, but I have some work stuff, so I am not as available.

Does a date sometime in the weeks of April 3rd or April 10th work for you?

I have a slight preference for a Saturday (like April 8th) or if a weekend does not work for everyone, maybe a Thursday like April 13th?

Not wedded to either dates if neither date works for folks.

I’m in if dates permit as well

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April 8 would work for me if +1s allowed

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The restaurant I’m thinking of can accommodate your +1, no problem.

Ok, for the rest of the thread, does Saturday, April 8th work for everyone?

@BillK @robert_creth @Jon_H

I’ll be out of town that weekend unfortunately, but don’t schedule around me!

Weekends don’t work for me

April 13 then?

April 13 would work for me (though I’m very flexible)

paging @Vince_T @BBaker @TylerWoods to the thread (hope I got the right Brendan and Tyler)

also @Lawrence_Wang and @Michael_Schriefer and @AndyK

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Oh hey there! Apr 13 should work for me.

Riesling sounds great, although Yule I remember you had posted in some thread wanting to do an older (white?) Loire night, which could be fun as well.


Hey friends! Thanks for tagging me in @Yao_C
I’m pretty flexible other than April 5th and ideally not the 8th but could make that work if that’s the consensus.

Is everyone thinking one focused varietal/region or more paulée style?


Thanks for flagging this @Yao_C! I’m interested and should be around in April - I think any of the dates mentioned so far would work for me.


Sounds like April 13th would be the ideal date … though if that is a conflict, please chime in and we can shift things around.

In terms of theme, I’m open to anything: riesling or Loire wines both sound great. Let me know all of your preferences.

Also, the turnout is looking bigger than I initially expected (which is awesome! the more the merrier!), so we may want a bigger venue if we get more than eight people. The restaurant in the Mission is small family-run restaurant where you pay for food at the counter and they send it to the table (when I go there with friends, we usually just get hummus, falafel, and some other small mezze plates and eat that with the wine). Also, if we have a large group, we are going to need to bring stems (we should probably bring stems even if it is fewer than eight).

I’ve heard people mention Taishan Cuisine – if the dinner gets pretty sizable, we may want to investigate that as an option?

I’m interested, but depends on the time (I don’t get back from work until ~7pm on Thursdays)