San Francisco Marina Sunday Nov. 20 late afternoon

Whatever the back label says LOL

It says: “Don’t even think about opening this for 30 years, then be sure to share with your favorite person.”

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Ok Wes, based on that admonition I’ll fly to Rhode Island and pour my 1982 Ridge William Short on my grandfather’s grave.
I was going to bring it Sunday but noooo.

So far bringing

1984 Ridge Devil’s Hill syrah in good shape, Will probably be the wine of the day for my palate.

1982 Ridge William Short about which I know nothing. Probably no one else does either.

Lillian Blue (meaning reserve) syrah 2006, a nod to attendees with big palates, We all hoped, back then, she’d be discount SQN. Maybe with bottle age she transcends that, we will see.

Calera Viognier 2008 just to honor Josh Jensen,

Probably a mag of Dominique Laurent Charmes Chambertin, one of the bottlings for which he has a great source, I forget the vintage (a good one older than 2003. 2002 or 1999 or 1996, whatever). I am blindly biased about his better-source wines. Corked? Nah, that’s Rutherford dust in that Nuits St. Georges.

An old Rhys, meaning more than ten years old, maybe 18 years old.

A magnum of 1998 Cape d’Estaing Kangaroo Island Admiral’s Reserve syrah.

Might bring my guitar for others to play. Not a good guitar though.

There are some winemaker/vineyard manager friends attending but I intentionally am not bringing wines they helped create, they can do that or just have a nice time.

About that Kangaroo wine:
In 1993, four couples purchased a 200 hectare farm with the aim of establishing a vineyard capable of producing high quality grapes. Each person brings skills and ideas to the partnership, and participates in some way in the day-to-day running of the business (which now extends to wine production). Two couples reside on Kangaroo Island. The owners were: Graham and Jude Allison, Alan and Ann Byers, Wayne and Margaret Conaghty, Robin and Heather Moody. Chief winemaker Rob Moody brought his 40 years winemaking experience into our wine. He was employed at Penfold’s by Max Schubert, the ‘father’ of Penfolds Grange, when Penfolds was still a family owned company and continued working on iconic South Australian wines at Penfolds and Wynns until 2001. Our philosophy is to have super premium red wines of exceptional distinction with grapes grown in its region.We have a very strong belief that low yields produce the best wines. We are very careful to slow the growth of the vine between flowering/fruit set and veraison. This produces desirably small berries with very high skin area to juice ratio.
About that 1982 William Short from Ridge, first, history, second, this bottle (it’s in perfect condition):
In the 1940s, William Short, a theologian, bought the abandoned winery and vineyard just below the Perrone property; he replanted several parcels to cabernet sauvignon in the late 1940s. From these vines — now the “middle vineyard” and referred to as the Torre Ranch — new owners Dave Bennion, Hew Crane, Charlie Rosen, and Howard Ziedler, all Stanford Research Institute engineers, made a quarter-barrel of “estate” cabernet. That Monte Bello Cabernet was among California’s finest wines of the era. Its quality and distinctive character, and the wines produced from these same vines in 1960 and ’61, convinced the partners to re-bond the winery in time for the 1962 vintage. Dave Bennion left his role at S.R.I. to oversee winemaking duties full time.
In 1949 William Short replanted an old vineyard on Monte Bello Ridge to Cabernet Sauvignon. We purchased that vineyard in 1959 and, since then, with the grapes we have planted, it has provided our estate Cabernet. In 1982 the cool weather and a good crop on these vines slowed ripening and the grapes matured at unusually low sugar levels. This produced an elegant, accessible wine distinct from the rest of the Monte Bello and gave us the chance to honor William Short on the occasion of our twenty-year anniversary. It will be quite enjoyable when young yet develop beautifully with several years in bottle. PD (7/84)

Thanks for putting on a great event with great wines yesterday George!

Ton of fun, thanks George!

Thanks folks, I enjoyed it! No time for conversation as the host but that’s part of the deal. I think I need to do this more often, sometimes four people will show up, sometimes a lot more.

Would still love to attend one of these, and have half a case of eligible bottles stashed away. Let’s make it happen!

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