San Francisco Marina Sunday Nov. 20 late afternoon

The usual event, usual place if you’ve joined me there before, ocean view. If you’re new, welcome!
Lots of details below because I’m very grateful to the venue and staff for letting me do this for the tenth or fifteenth time.

Free parking at venue.
Arrive between 3 and 4 pm but earlier is better. Informal. Casual dress.
$20 per person, goes directly to venue staff. No other cost.
Not a blind or sitdown tasting, all bottles go on one big table and we all stand or sit at two other large tables. Bring a bottle per person. No theme but the group tends to favor older, less oaky, not overextracted, wines. White, red, sparkling welcome. Any country, any grape.
Bring your own glasses, but venue has mediocre ones if needed.

Food: There’s a menu with burgers, salad, chili, fried fish, but people often bring charcuterie and other share, we have in the past ordered pizza. They have plates and cutlery. But I think since Covid their kitchen shuts down early, 5 pm perhaps, possibly even closed. I do not organize or monitor.any food activities, up to you all. But I eat it, TIA.

Please don’t post venue, I’ll PM address and directions to first timers on request, it’s sort of near Fort Mason.

Sometimes people bring musical instruments and cigars (those would be for outside on the deck).
If you’re new to me, which is great, please RSVP in advance by 2:30 that day, here or PM.


I’m new, but based in SF and would love to join! Happy to bring red, white, or sparkling – whichever is most preferred.

Great Zac! Just bring something mostly ready to drink! I’ll PM directions at least a week in advance.


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Emy and I would like to come. We have a show later that evening in the city. So this event should work out nicely.

Great Bill, see you then, if you’re still a yes in a few weeks I’ll PM you…Traviata?


Good guess. We are catching Traviata on opening night and seeing Beck/Arcade Fire on the 20th.

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Yikes, chaos on that tour, Beck dropped out, Feist dropped out, controversy re Arcade Fire frontman

Penciling this in. I’ll update when I’m firm one way or another.

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Wow, that certainly changes our plans for afterwards. Thabks for the heads up.

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Great! I’m sorely disappointed that I missed the old Ridge tasting last year, and I had teed up a couple 90s Monte Bellos to bring, but I had a last minute work trip. I hopefully will be able to make it this year!


Great Vince. No theme this time.

I also have a couple bottles I’m holding if another Ridge event happens that I can attend.

Ugh, I live in the area but unfortunately will be in LA that weekend. Next year!

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I’m undecided what to bring. There is no theme. I usually default to a red Burg or two plus others. But not for a big group. I might bring two old Rhyses, two old Ridges, and two old Shiraz. Or a mag of 1999 Charmes Chambertin and a mag of Paul Lato. Or not LOL.

A friend of mine wants to join as well. I might bring a 97 Ridge/Stanford Wine Program Schwabacher.

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I thought you were bringing a contagious lab experiment so in terror I looked it up.

“# 1997 Ridge Vineyards “Stanford Wine Program - Schwabacher Estate” Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon
SKU #1524283
The Jimsomare vineyard on the Monte Bello Ridge has a long history, and the name comes from the Schwabacher family who bought the property in 1936. They dry-farmed the estate up until the 1990s when Ridge signed a long-term lease with the family, and now includes this in the Monte Bello Estate. The four original owners of Ridge were scientists at the Stanford Research Institute, this bottling was made in collaboration with the Stanford Wine Program group.”

Made by students? I love that kind of thing.

Yeah, will it be a dud or delicious?

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…were eight people.

Yeah, yeah, rant. But it irks me the current ownership perpetuates this sexist bullshit. Fran Bennion was more significant a part of Ridge history and success than everyone but her husband. Sue Crane was very active.

I think I’ll bring a '59/'60 Monte Bello/Saratoga blend. Something that ties in with Darrell Corti.

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Ok now Im definitely bringing an older Ridge. Meaning pre-2005 LOL.

So, something that might be into its drinking window…?

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