San Francisco Casual Wine Dinner (POSTPONED)

Hi everyone,

I chatted with some folks and there seems to be interest in doing another wine dinner in mid-May, specifically the following dates:

Wednesday, May 10th
Thursday, May 11th
Friday, May 19th

I think we can figure out dinner theme once we have a sense about people’s availability and what their wine interests are. I imagine an expansive theme to accommodate a variety of interests will be ideal.

In terms of venue, the options are open. I have my Lebanese place, but I would be interested in other venues if folks know of places that can/are willing to accommodate a dinner like ours. Potential venues will also influence the final wine theme, I imagine.

Feel free to post your availability to this thread if you are interested!

The last one was fun. So put me down for attending this one too. The 10th or 11th is preferred, but I should be able to make the 19th work too.

I’m interested, but 10th/11th won’t work. Dinners on the 6th, 8th, and 13th. My daughter is in town that week so that’ll be another dinner. 19th is a maybe as of now.

I’m in.

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Ok, I spoke with some folks offline, and looks like we have enough for a quorum for Friday, May 19th.


We also have one maybe


Is there a particular wine theme that people want to do for the dinner?

I’m open, though right now my cellar is deepest in riesling, Piedmont (Barolo/Barbaresco/Alto Piemonte), Loire, and some red Burgundy.

I’m open to anything – or even a theme where we just bring whatever you are particularly passionate about right now (I’ve had a bunch of fun dinners in the past where there was no particular theme).

In terms of venue, I got my Lebanese place, which would be easy for us to book. But, I’m open to other venues if people want to do something more formal. I heard that Great China in Berkeley may be an option (though that might be out of the ways for us).

Let me know what you all think! (also, plenty of room for others if they are interested)

Mark me as a tentative yes. I’d vote for Loire but am happy to go with most themes.

Looks like things are shaping up to have a dinner between 4-6 people on Friday, May 19th.

Since this is a smaller dinner, should we just have a wine potluck – bring a wine or two from a region or variety that you feel passionate about and want to share with others?

I got some early to mid 2000s Loire reds, Barolo, Barbaresco, or Alto Piemonte I can bring, for example. I got some aged Loire whites too.

I can set up a table at the Lebanese place since it will be an easy reservation (unless someone wants to go to a different venue).

Does that sound good to everyone? Please let me know.


I totally forgot I am going to Yosemite that day to hike the next morning. Apologies

It may make sense to postpone this to June when more people are in town. It seems like a lot of folks are on the road or are unavailable.

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Missed the Riesling dinner but would love to jump in for a June event!

I would be free from mid June on, and Great China in Berkeley does have a great wine list (happy to do SF as well, preferably someplace near-ish a BART station)

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Sorry to threadjack…Since you’re postponing this, anyone free that Wednesday (17th)?
Up there for a short work trip…wouldn’t mind meeting some other people. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting George a couple of times…

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See my new post re Thursday June 15 event in SF.