I made this Italian classic yesterday, as I have so much sage on my balcony due to a speedy spring/summer in Berlin.


One of my favorite all time dishes. I have been known to order this out at Italian restaurants when nothing else seems exciting.

I take it from your recipe, you do not flour the meat before sautéing? I usually do on the side without the prosciutto on it. And salt and pepper too.


I always look forward to opening your posts! [cheers.gif]

NO, i don´t flour the meat in this case. I would recommend to use flour for fish filet or for meat like Ossobuco and other braised dishes.

I would be careful with salt, as the ham is quite salty. But I have always Maldon salt on the table. And just for the record, I always add salt&pepper to my dishes. But sometimes I forget to mention it.


Creme double? Mascarpone or heavy cream as a substitute?

ONLY Marsala

I have added 1-2 tbsp Creme double, as I had some leftover in the fridge and didn’t want to throw away.

Thanks for the reminder. I made a version tonight using chicken thighs that turned out great. I have no idea why I don’t make this more often. Probably because I think of it as a veal dish and good veal is hard to find where I live.

Good to hear. Here the same veal is quite expensive in Berlin and not easy to get good quality. But in addition I am also not a fan of veal.

Worth to try maybe is also Saltimbocca with pigeon breast and other kind of wild birds.

I haven’t tried it yet but there is this: