SALE PENDING : Wine Cabinet for Sale - Triangle NC Area

I have the below as a second owner but I have moved into a new wine cellar an no longer need it. It was kept inside during the 2 years I owned it and worked fine the entire time. No condensation or cooling issues and was relatively quiet. Only a couple things to call out:

1.) I used some insulation tape in the back to help with securing the rear exhaust unit.
2.) If you put it directly against a wall it will have a tendency to overheat and not get to the target temp. I solved this problem but putting an exhaust fan at the back to circulate the hot air being expelled by the unit.

Brand: California Wine Cellars (no longer in business)
Material: Oak, light oak finish
Dimensions: 31” H x 45” W x 73.5” H
Capacity: 320 750 mls; and 12 mags or 6 double mags (will fit most Burgundy and Champagne bottles)
Cooling: Breezaire WKCE 1060 (rear exhaust) purchased in 2017 working as it should
Price: $300 or for $400 I will deliver to your driveway if you are in the triangle.

Please PM me with any questions.

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