Salad Le Puy LENTIL

Here we have a classic french dish, Le Puy lentils with duck breast. Fascinating how huge the difference is between french and german cooking. The french version is sublime and sophisticated, as the lentils are small&nutty and served with duck, quite elegant. In contrast the german lentils are big&floury and served with sausages, quite rustic.

Anyway, quite a fancy dish and don’t forget the lentil salad must be served lukewarm.


250g Le Puy lentils
1-2 duck breast
Bouquet garni
1 tsp salt

3-4 tbsp white vinegar
8-10 tbsp walnut oil
1-2 tbsp mustard

optional: chives or cilantro


  1. First wash the lentils in cold water. Use a fine-meshed sieve.

  1. Put the washed lentils in a pot or sauteuse and add cold water. Heat it and when the water is bubbling, cook for 2min. Then sieve the lentils and wash again in cold water.

  1. Add fresh water to a pot or sauteuse and heat it. When the water is bubbling, add 1 tsp salt. Now add the lentils and a bouquet garni, me fresh thyme&bay leave from the balcony. Cook for 15min. Be careful, don’t overcook them, as the lentils should be al dente or have a little bit bite.

  1. Meanwhile make the vinaigrette. You have to make it like you like best, so no exact amounts.

  1. After 15min sieve the lentils and put to a bowl. Add the vinaigrette and combine. Optional add chopped chives or cilantro. Let it rest for 15min and serve lukewarm with sliced duck breast.

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BTW, I have new tableware.

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Collards! :slight_smile:

Martin this somehow reminded me of marinated bean salads my mom used to make in the 70s. I had never considered using lentils for this in place of other beans, so I riffed on this recipe yesterday with what I had and didn’t have (shallot, good olive oil, no mustard, just throw the herbs in) and my family all loved it. Served with seared tuna.

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Good to hear, Stan. This is indeed a fine dish.

BTW, even the leftover of lentils tasted such good the next day. Just a little bit more salt&pepper and a little dash of walnut oil on top. Lovely