Safeway deal???

I don’t normally do much wine shopping at safeway but the other day I was purchasing groceries and they printed me out a coupon that gives 30% off. They print coupons for stuff you buy so I think it was prompted by the purchase of a bottle. They also give 10% off when taking 6 or more. The only wine they carry that i buy with any regularity is the Turnbull cab '07, that they already have for 27 right now. So with the coupon and the extra 10% it became a 6pack for approximately 109 with tax!!! 18 dollars a piece out the door… they taste pretty good at that price point… note this deal would save alot on the 09 caymus they also carry…

Sonoma county, californi… as i haven’t figured out how to add my location.


That sounds like a great deal.

Our Safeway has a really nice wine section, including a very large temp-controlled walk-in cellar with a lot of high-end stuff. But they are pricey. They have an '04 Beaucastel that’s been sitting there at $120 that they just discounted to $80, still not a good price, but at 30% further discount I’d probably grab it. They have some occasional good deals, like the '07 Geyserville & Lytton Springs, or MacRostie Wildcat Mtn Syrah for $24/per.

They periodically run this promotion at Safeway and Von’s (part of Safeway). The selection varies quite a bit between stores, but some have decent stuff. I’m going to visit two stores this weekend in Las Vegas with the goal of finding a case of good, every day drinkers for summer. Their regular prices on some wines are good due to their huge buys, so if you can get 40% off that, it’s really a good deal, providing you can find some good wines. Total Wine has disrupted all the supermarket wine sales in Las Vegas; I wonder if this is part of the reason for the sale. Total has also kicked butt in Phoenix and now is aggressively moving into California; good for consumers, I guess.

Here in LA the Von’s unit stocks Ridge Paso Robles and Three Valleys, sometimes Lytton Springs. When I factor in the 30% plus 10%, that takes their “price” down to a point that is about $1 less than at the agrgressive retailers here in LA (center of the universe for aggressive discounting). So, it’s a matter of convenience/sponteneity. As these would be for near-term consumption, I don’t worry much about the absence of humidity-controlled conditions… pileon

I wish our Vons had a better selection…but still, with 30% off all bottles, I might have to stop by after work today anyway.

Carefully check the prices and make sure you are really getting a “deal”. Here in Oregon they run a 30% off sale (with another 10% for 6 + bottles) every few months. Unfortunately, before the deal they go thru and mark up all the prices! I noticed this when it came to me that all the $25 regularly priced wines weren’t costing me $15, but instead about $20. There are still some good prices when they do this but basically they are reducing the cost to what you can get online or at a discount retailer.


The Safeway down the street has a REALLY crappy selection and I didn’t see any screaming deals, but I was busy running out the door to shower as is my custom after going in there. Now, if I could just load up on Rascal pinot noir and pinot gris at 30+% off, I’d be in heaven. The way I figure it, I’d be down to around $4.50 per bottle.

the safeway here has great selection and great prices. more often than not they are less then K&L and wine club when on sale. And I’ve never had a cooked bottle from them.

yep same here.

Ours has Dom after the 30% then 10% off at $135 a btl. I was hoping it’d be at $100 or so

So how do you get the 30% discount, anyway?

it’s there. You don’t have to do anything.

Sorry to seem dense…does it automatically come off with your club card? How long is this discount god for?

Nate- it comes off with your Von’s/Safeway Club Card as you check out.

Today, I got some '08 Rosenblum Rockpile Road Zin-it’s $28 as part of ANY 6-bottle purchase…(who on this BB buys in lots of less??? [stirthepothal.gif]

I got three and added three '07 Ridge Lytton Springs for $24, the absolutely lowest price in CA, per the cheap version of Wine-searcher. [cheers.gif]

So, as long as the bottle count is 6 or more, 40% off their (yeah…inflated…$44.50 for the Rosenblum, $38.55 for the Ridge) prices. I don’t worry about storage, these will be gone by fall. [drinkers.gif]

John, which Safeway? The ones near me have very little I’m interested in. Are you buying domestic stuff?

Was in m local Safeway tonight and noticed the 30% + 10% banners and decided to see if there were any deals or steals. For this store the reg prices were quite high and even with the 40% discount that brought prices down to levels that seemed on par with prices elsewhere.

Some examples of pre discount prices I noticed :
'06 Silver Oak $87+
'06 Jordan $60
'09 Seghesio Zin $28+
'02 BV Tapestry $53

No wine purchased but the sale on Downtown Brown beer hooked me for a dozen bottles.

I noticed this myself. Although some prices seemed to be true to 30% off, most of the tp end wines have been jacked up to be brought down. My example is the 2008 Caymus Cabernet, usually $64. The new sale sign declares the regular price to be $89 and the sale price $62 and change, not so much of a deal. Most of the wines are to be had for less at Costco. What a joke.

Sheeeeit . . . I just saw this at QFC, not noted for their competitive pricing, for $23 and change less 10% for six bottles.

Costco has the Seghesio Zin for $17.00!

I finally got around to checking out my Safeway, as this deal ends tomorrow.
'07 Guigal CdR “normal” price $18, 30% discounted to $12 [swearing.gif] The '04 Beaucastel in their cooler was not subject to the 30% discount, because, according to the wine steward, it was already marked down from $129 [dash1.gif] Buyer beware!

I did end up with some '07 Geyserville & Lytton Springs for $24+change each after the 30+10% (37%) half-case discount, and some '05 Taylor Fladgate LBV for $17.

The 07 Guigal is a decent buy I guess. Here in Oregon it is a little over $11 with the “discount”. Winesearcher has it at a low of $9.97 in the states, with lots of places having the same wine in the $11 - $12 range. I will try and remember to check out what the non-discount price goes up to after the sale ends. If it goes back to the regular price we will know how they pay for all the crazy re-pricing that this technique demands. They print up new price cards for every wine in addition to changing things on their inventory system, then some poor schmuck has to change every price in the store every few months.