SACRELIGIOUS: Must Everything be Over-Oaked and Amped on Alcohol!

Once were the days when I could pull my rusty old Ford F-150 into the gas station parking lot on a Friday night, $40 bucks left in my payday pocket, and I’m looking to chug a few 40 ouncers of the cheap, good stuff with my fellow-coworkers: Pure, unadulterated, U.S. Grade A Malt Liquor.

Those were the days. Memories.

It appears that the big City boys and their fancy cars, their fancy glassware and their up-turned noses and lofty phraseology, have now bastardized an American classic.

Here you have it.

Barrel-Aged Malt Liquor. Aged in Bourbon nonetheless, as that is the new rage. Not good enough to ruin wine, not it must poison the liquor.

I love the tasting notes:

“Corn is heavy upfront, but the addition of floral hops and the smoothness of vanilla and wood from the barrels makes this classic style something worthy of exploring once again . . . .”

But nay, it cannot be enjoyed chugged out of a can. They recommend a snifter as the appropriate glassware. Not to be paired with gas station pizza and Doritos, either. Hours d’oevres and chocolates are the recommended pairing.

14.2 ABV.


I wonder if it would make good Brass Monkey?

We will have to ask Mike D!

I’m impressed by the reference.

I don’t care for boozy beers, but I have enjoyed a few bourbon barrel aged beers.

You’re talking about my generation.

Robert, I can tell you’re upset, but I have found the wine for you. It may just calm your Rolland-savaged nerves. Rhone mix (80% syrah, the rest petit syrah, mouvedre and grenache), 35% whole clusters for little of your stem fetish, only 48% new oak.

It’s called SQN. You can thank me later.

No one believes the great double-polo wearing sperry clad Cubano Rico ex-frat dick ever once pulled into a gas station in a rusty F-150 for malt liquor.

He and his wife have this, um, game they play . . . .

But it makes for a great story! Here’s the real Bobby and his compadres.

Scary how accurate that picture is, but you missed the popped collar. My one quibble. Collar had to be popped.

Neal’s portrayal is intriguing, will broach with wife tonight, and then see if we can play it in the Rover. I have not washed it for two weeks, so it looks sullied and dirty, risqué.

Wait a minute! One stinkin minute. My thread just got bumped down to a subsection I have no clue even existed!


Well, your OP focused on beer. Welcome to the Beer & Spirits forum. Stick around and you’ll learn to drink better than malt liquor (barrel aged or not).

Dick Kicker Malt Liquor is where it’s at.

Very nice.