Sacramento Restaurant Reccs

Will be in Sacramento at the end of the month for the SWE conference.
The Kitchen looks a little too much.
Ella’s and Supper look promising and Enotria looks like a good list with reasonable wine prices.

This is a wine conference with probably 500 attending so all the good restaurants are going to get filled so am looking to cut to the chase now. Will probably dine out side of the conference 3 nights.

I can recommend Enotira very highly. Michael Chandler who used to be the sommelier over there who now works for Winebid turned that into a really nice restaurant. Great wine list, fair prices and great food.

I also recommend The Firehouse in Old Sac. Nice menu with an old style feel to it. Not sure how the wine list is as we usually BYOB.

Remember that almost all places will let you BYOB in Sacramento, keep this in mind for places were the food is great but the wine list is weak.

New spot opened for a month or so, Pearl On The River. Nice pricing and a solid menu. Wine is diverse w/some small lot wineries represented. Outdoor seating on the river is a plus.

in the sacramento mall there’s a nice lil brewery not too far from the center

If you are talking the downtown mall on J then that is The River City Brewing co

The Firehouse is excellent, but it is stupid expensive.

California Fats was good for upscale Chinese.