Ryland Inn Chef now Edison Diner Chef...

Hey Craig,
Glad to see your doing…something

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what goes around will finally come around.


Wow! All I can say is wow.

I noticed that – the Skylark is about a mile or two from my house.

Had one spectacular meal at Ryland so I know he’s a great chef.

I ate there twice during it’s heyday.

The second time was for my fortieth birthday and I had the larger of the two degustation menus. BYO’d Krug CdM '89 and Latour '86 neither of which was on their list at the time.

Now I can get those kinds of thrills from a western omelette, not to mention the frites w/brown gravy.

There is a lot of asian fusion stuff going on at the Skylark. It took them a couple of years to build the place, it looks like it was built for the Jetsons. Steel construction, lots of odd angles. I get the idea he is proud of the menu and the wine list but I haven’t gotten there yet.

Is there some kind of back story here that you are hinting at? I have no idea why Ryland Inn basically imploded a couple of years ago. I tried to make a lunch reservation and they were no longer serving lunch. Then no longer anything.

PS after Googling – I wonder what is going on? A lot of the reviews out there are big yawns concerning the food. Shelton must have some interest in maintaining his reputation. How can they let the execution be so mundane and incompetent – “seared tuna” that arrived “cooked through” etc. I’m not quite as interested in going there, although to be fair there were also some stellar reviews…

PBJ, uh I mean PM sent.


I’m curious about your “what goes around, comes around comment”? Was this guy controversial or offensive in some way? I only ate there once, but I did enjoy the meal.

Same here. Can I get the secret PM too?

I was surprised at all the negative comments at the bottom of the article in the first post.

It’s no secret.
Anyone who worked for Craig in the 90’s could tell you…on a good day he’d make Gordon Ramsay look like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

I passed on an opportunity to work in that kitchen.