Russian River visit next weekend

We’ll be spending next weekend in Guernville and could use some recs for restaurants, etc there. We also plan to visit a few wineries so suggestions welcome as well. If the weather cooperates , we might take a picnic so places with nice vistas would be good.

Jay, next weekend is the 2nd Weekend of Russian River Valley Barrel Tasting. See here:" onclick=";return false;

If you plan to taste, I’d suggest that you get some tickets as the vast majority of wineries participate.

If you’re a fan of acid-driven RRV pinot, drop by Inman Family on Sunday - I’ll be helping Kathleen that day.

Contact Steve Rigisich of Ketcham Vineyards.
Last time we visited with Steve, we tasted at a picnic table right in the vineyard.

thanks guys. I will investigate!

And since you’ll be nearby … check out Farmhouse Inn for dinner. Great restaurant. Also nearby Joseph Swan Vineyards, which does a magnificent job on barrel tasting weekend. Holdredge also has been known to have some fine things available. And Siduri has a lineup that can’t be beat, with some of the growers coming out to pour their wines. Lot of great opportunity for education.

I highly recommend Zazu for dinner. Just real simple locally-grown Italian-American food in a rustic and fun setting. My wife and I had a great time there on our last visit to Sonoma.

Yo- TGutt, Holdredge may be smaller than Siduri, less well known than Siduri, produce wines of lesser stature than Siduri, heck we may be second to Siduri in every category imaginable (except endowment) but we do have John Bucher pouring on Saturday.

Add to all of the above: Copain

I would rather do copain other than the RRV wine road weekend. They were pouring two barrel samples, one svd pinot and syrah. At the bar they were pouring the tour ensemble line up. Although fun and great wines, try and check it out another time.

I got a better tasting experience when I set up an appointment in advance.

You always seem to manage to get some nice tasting room ladies for that weekend, too. Just saying.

Since your post asked about restaurants (of course the winery recommendations above are all good so long as you also visit Sojourn), here are my food suggestions:

You cannot go to the area without eating lunch at Willow Woods Cafe. Small restaurant serving world class food inside a small market.

As for dinner, there are lots of great places in Healdsburg. Willi’s Seafood Bar, Scopa, Bistro Ralph, are all good choices. Mirepoix is nearby and very quaint.

I have not ignored Cyrus, but I’ve never been.

Last weekend might have been the all time high water mark in that regard.

You are kidding, right? Nothing will top the day that I was there.

Whoa, I didn’t realize Holdredge had gotten a tattoo! [winner.gif]

One of the best restaurant experiences of my life. But you’ll spend most of the night and all of your wallet.

I live around SF so I drove up last Sat and Sun for barrel tasting. $30 and you can buy the tickets at any participating winery. A lot of wineries don’t have tasting fees but the $30 is worth it if you are tasting multiple days and/or power tasting (&spitting). And also if you don’t plan on buying wine at each tasting room to get the tasting fee waived. Also, a few wineries aren’t letting people in unless they have the barrel tasting ticket. Not all wineries are participating. Look on the website for the list of wineries." onclick=";return false;

I’m still a wine newbie, so take my preferences with a grain of salt. I did go with my wife and good friend, and we were pretty much in agreement in loving the wines at Martin Ray (highly oaked mountain reserve cabs, in RRV) and Hawkes (less oaky, very pure cabs, Andersen Valley). No pinot noir stunners. Dutton Estate had their Karmen Isabella Pinot Noir which is highly rated but we panned it.

If you are in downtown Healdsburg for lunch, Costeaux bakery is great for $$. Dry Creek Kitchen is great but $$$.

Joseph Swan is a must visit in my opinion. My favorite winery we visited last trip to the RRV. Just around the corner is a Woodenhead tasting room. They make some great stuff, I especially like their Martinelli Road Old Vine Zin.

I have to mention Siduri/Novy was my least favorite. You could have lunch in their lovely parking area. deadhorse

If you’re like me, you’ll go to Siduri for the wine, not the lunch. And the wine is well, well worth it. Although I hope no one has been tossed out this year for defiling the bathroom!

Swan is tremendous. They put on a great show during barrel tasting. If you want to learn about the Russian River Valley and the place those wines are made? You are in for a treat.