Russian River Valley quote

A liquor store in my area (Surdyks) puts out a seasonal magazine, and I found this in one of their articles :

"Today, no region produces Pinot Noirs of such consistently high quality than Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley.”

No source, not a quote, presented as fact. What do you think, agree or disagree?

That’s not presented as a fact, and no source is needed, as it’s clearly an opinion on a subjective issue. It’s no more a fact than someone stating that CaddyShack is the greatest movie ever made.

I’m pretty sure it’s a fact that Caddyshack is the greatest movie ever.


I concur this fact.

Surely you jest – Caddyshack may be in the top 20, but the greatest movies of all time would have at the top of the list:

  1. Godfather II
  2. Godfather I
  3. Field of Dreams
  4. Shawshank Redemption

  5. Caddyshack.

As for RRV, I concur that some of the best Pinot comes from RRV, but believe some pretty damn good wine comes from Santa Rita Hills, Sonoma Coast, and Monterey.

Of course these are all opinions.

#3 is Field of Dreams???
Bruce, do you live in Humboldt County? Cuz you must be smokin’ somethin’ :wink:

I rank Field of Dreams slightly above Free Willy 2!

Regarding the OP: who is to gainsay a subjective opinion except with another subjective opinion?

Field of Dreams is superior to something like Howard the Duck, but not sure by how much…

Godfather vs Caddyshack? No brainer- “It’s in the hole!!!”

As for RRV, ""Today, no region produces Pinot Noirs of such consistently high quality than Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley.” No region? Including 'Burg? Strong statement, but they are entitled to it. For domestic, I’m a bit more fond of some early-picked Sonoma Coast (north coast) these days.

What about that up and comer in the southeast of France? Name escapes me now. [neener.gif]

Well the word consistently means burgundy is handicapped. Too many poor producers and the weather doesn’t cooperate every year. But best? It’s Burgundy, and that’s a fact!

+1 or Slapshot depending on what I’ve been drinking.

Of course such a statement is by implication subjective, just like “Such and such place has the best pizza in town,” or “Joe Galewski has the cheesiest avatar on the whole site.”

I would agree but if you replaced Sonoma RRV with Santa Rita Hills, I would also agree. I’m pretty wishy-washy when it comes to agreeing with generalities.

It’s not outlandish by any means. RRV is one of the best places to grow Pinot Noir. Locally, I personally prefer some areas of the Sonoma Coast. And of course, there is Burgundy.

I think the way it was phrased was a bit boldly, but if someone approached me and said they think RRV makes the best Pinots in the world, I can respect that.

And Caddyshack is not the best movie ever made. It’s either American Beauty or Hoosiers.

Call me old fashioned. I’ll take Volnay and the original Star Wars.

The low life dimwits of this place amaze me! You guys have absolutely no class. It’s sad.

And I do mind, the Dude minds. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man. Everybody knows the Big Lebowski is the greatest ever with Caddyshack a distant second.

And don’t get me started on the f^&*ing Eagles!

And in answer to the original question: It’s the Willamette stupid!