Ruinart Brut Millésimé ?

can’t find much info on this bottling. anyone know where this fits within the house style? blend? i have a magnum 2009 vintage disgorged june 2017 and was just curious.


Ruinart’s vintage wine is mainly a European only release so you don’t see it much here in the states. Style-wise, it is a more refined and precise version of the NV Brut (which you also don’t see much outside of Europe). The blend is fairly even between Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but lately I have found that Chardonnay takes the lead in terms of flavor/aromatics. Recent vintages especially those made by Fred Panaiotis (2007 onwards) have more elegance and finesse than past ones. I find the wine to be quite delicious, but, overall, this has a lot more roundness and body when compared to the Blanc de Blancs that Ruinart is more well known for.


ahh that all sounds pretty great. 2009 very good vintage, so i suppose this will be lovely. thank you! was hoping you’d see this. when might the 2009 en magnum be in the zone, do you think?


I actually had a magnum of this over Thanksgiving and it was drinking very well - better than some more ‘prestigious’ wines served alongside. It certainly can age for a good deal, but like many 2009s is a pleasure to drink already. As is often the case with magnums, the 2009 Ruinart Millesime in magnum shows more finesse, freshness, and complexity than 750 mL bottles.

wow - great to hear. thanks again!