RPM Italian

We had our anniversary dinner there last night. The room is ultra cool and half the place is a cocktail lounge that was really humping. There is a DJ so if music bothers you I’d say avoid. The food is really based on classic Italian. We had whipped ricotta with crusty bread, fritto misto, squid ink linguine with spicy crab, duck agnolloti, grilled prawns and pork arrosti. All the dishes were delicious with no noticeable flaws. I highly recommend especially for dates.

Thanks for the review. I have plans to head there shortly. Glad to hear its more than just another celeb restaurant that fails to live up to the hype.


It’s run by Lettuce Entertain You. I’ll admit I’m biased as I worked for them for several years. That being said they never do any thing half ass. The chef is very accomplished from NYC. he’s also a partner I believe.



I went a couple weeks ago expecting it to be nothing more than a hyped celeb type place … Was similarly surprised and pleased…and will be back. Thought the menu was well conceived - would have been happy with virtually anything on there. Seemed BYO friendly with $20 or $25 corkage and good wine service and stemware. Brought a Conterno Barolo and the waiter was very helpful in suggesting food pairings, including a special he went back to consult the chef on.

I confess, we go there at least a couple of times a week and in full disclosure, the chef is a close personal friend (Doug Psaltis, some of the NY’ers know him from our wine dinners). I love the place. Going there again tonight, in fact. In addition to the food being excellent, I find the FOH staff to be exceptional and VERY customer service oriented.


We actually went to RPM with friends of yours who happen to have their in-town in our building on Delaware. Doug came out and talked with us a bit - seems like a great guy. Agree that the staff was great (though don’t know if we got special treatment because we were with David and Rhonda or whether everyone is treated as warmly). I am certainly looking forward to getting back there.


going to take the girlfriend here soon…sounds great!

Went there last night with my partner, Craig, and Bill and Pam Lawrence. Crazy good…it really was an amazing dinner. We had wonderful fresh, house made ricotta with black truffles, then a shaved brussels sprouts salad with fennel and lemon, a polenta with soft egg and black truffle, followed by 4 different pastas (the lobster ravioli were killer) all the black truffle, then two types of steak: a porterhouse and a cap steak (I think similar to the Bryan Flannery rib cap). Doug Psaltis (disclaimer, a good friend) is doing an amazing job. I’ll let Bill add more but let’s just say the meal more than stood up to the Rayas and Margaux we brought.

That was a great, great dinner, Wilfred! Pam and I really enjoyed seeing Doug again…we’re very happy that the restaurant is so successful and that Doug loves where he is…and the food is just terrific.

The restaurant is not small. There is a real upbeat vibe to the place. Even with all of the activity in the dining room and the bar, the execution of each dish by the kitchen is perfect. We brought some terrific wines…95 Margaux, 00 Rayas, 01 Giacosa Barolo and a 2005 Pernot Batard Montrachet and I’m glad we did because the dinner was every bit as terrific and needed quality vino to match the quality food! I’ll mention a few items…The homemade ricotta covered with fresh Australian black truffles (something new to me…but they excellent) was a dish I suggest you look for when you go to RPM. Wilfred mentioned the lobster ravioli best but we had four pastas/risotto to choose from…gnocchi, risotto, ravioli and agnolotti…I had an ever so slight preference for the corn agnolotti with taleggio cheese. The steak was a huge porterhouse served alongside a hefty rib cap, both cooked perfectly…we shared those and they were delightful. The whole dinner was great…I can’t wait to go back.


What was corkage?

Corey, Dan mentioned above that it’s $20-25. I don’t know what the right number is. Wilfred and I are both friends of Doug Psaltis so our corkage was waived.

I missed that, cheers.