Rousseau CSJ 2001

Had one 3 months ago decided to open another. Why not? Opened Friday afternoon and had with dinner.
This one was even better than the first. Cork was perfect, saturated about 1/4 inch and came out perfectly. The color was still a vibrant medium ruby red with only the very slightest bricking at the edge. What a nose!! Beautiful ripe cherry fruit, floral scents and earthy underbrush, all in nice proportions. On the palate this seemed younger than the previous bottle. Sweet cherry fruit, silky tannins, nice acidity and a long smooth finish. Delish!!
Against my normal judgement I left about 4 ounces in the bottle for tonight and put it back in the cabinet. Wow! Did this hold up well. This is a pretty special bottle of 20 year old Burgundy.


Thanks for the note! Excited how well 01 are showing

2001 has always been a favorite of mine at the high end. Drouhin Petit Mont, Bachelet Charmes, Mugnier Amoureuses. All great!! I have 01 Musigny from Drouhin, Vogue, and Mugnier. Have no idea when to try these?.


The 01 Drouhin Musigny was still a bit reticent at a dinner in December 2021, but it did open up after 3-4 hours. Great wine, but still young. The 01 Mugnier was stellar (for me at least) at the same dinner. To me, it was way ahead of the Drouhin. Hope yours show well.

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We did about a dozen 2001s at the Charleston Offlineorama back in Nov.
01 has always been one of my fave vintages; it is rocking right now.


I enjoyed this wine a couple of weeks ago, it was very expressive indeed and seemed not to need any more time whatever, as with most 01s. At the top level, like the Drouhin Musigny Steve mentions, there is no harm in keeping them but generally I feel they are now for drinking not keeping. Interestingly the 2000 CSJ drunk on the same occasion had different charms. It was not the more interesting wine but it did seem to have more potential for development. I liked both vintages more than I have sometimes liked more powerful ones, when the elevage can sometimes seem a bit much for the vineyard.

2001 Mugnier Musigny is one of my favorite wines of all time and I’m not even as high on Mugnier as some are.

And I bet the 01 Vogue is drinking beautifully. Vogeu’s 01 Amoureuses is gorgeous.


Right after I get there.