Roulot “Balland Curtet”?


I’ve been offered some of these. But have never heard of this bottling. Does anybody know if it’s with domaine Roulot labels? And what the story is

Thanks in advance.

It’s a Skurnik import, and makes no mention of Roulot: Domaine Balland-Curtet - Skurnik Wines & Spirits

There is a reference on their website to Roulot though for the Auxey-Duresses. I didn’t know. Should ask him.

Domaine Roulot deals with the cultivation, vinification and ageing processes

And I believe those are the same vineyards that Roulot uses for his Auxey blanc.

I guess it all depends on how the retailer is trying to market the wine.

Yeah, but if Roulot is fully in control from vineyard to ageing (according the website), the wine should identical, so might be worth a shot if price is good.

Jean Marc and his team might be the only ones who could answer that question. They could be from the same vineyards but could be from different parcels/exposure, different vine age, and could be given different cellar treatment, too. If it’s done by Roulot, it’s probably very good, but might be different from his Auxey blanc?

Jean-Marc just confirmed by email: the payment is done in bottles, so this exactly the same wine.

Cool…nice work!

That producer has metayage agreements with a few winemakers. Domaine Larue makes the chassagnes and pulignys. I don’t think skurnik brings in the roulot auxey, though I could be wrong.

Yes it seems so. Looks more like an owner of vineyards that outsources winemaking and gets bottles in return which he sells under his own name. Although I don’t understand why you would want to do that with Roulot made wines. I am quite well versed personally in metayage arrangements, and typically you would ask for a share of the bottles with producer name on there.