Roseburg, OR - Coravin to borrow??? (Also, '15 Abacela Graciano)

Does anyone in the area have a Coravin that I may use? I just need to tap one bottle. Thank you!

If you haven’t tried Abacela’s newly released Graciano, do so! What a beautiful wine! (Who else is even making a Graciano?!?!?) Only 80 cases produced.

Cant help ya with the Coravin in OR unfortunately…but Sine Qua Non is making a Graciana with their new label, The Third Twin. Super low production/mailing-list only stuff so it might be difficult to source…but it sounds like it’s pretty damn good!

Up here in the PacNW hinterlands, my understanding is that there is a bit of Graciano planted on Snipes Mountain (Upland Vineyard) and in the Horse Heaven Hills (Coyote Canyon Vineyard). Could be more…

A few producers releasing varietal Graciano wines. By far the best I’ve had are the ones from Idilico (small producer in Woodinville). Their winemaker, Javier, does nice wines from a range of Spanish varieties - Graciano, Tempranillo, Monastrell, Albarino, Garnacha, etc.

I’ve also enjoyed the Graciano produced by Bokisch down in Lodi area.


Thank you for the heads up Michael!

Spanish varieties is what (mostly) what Abacela produces down here.

Interesting tidbit Rich. Thank you.

Speaking of SQN, we’ve been drinking some of the 2011 reds. I don’t care anyone says about the 2011s, these are pretty awesome, albeit YOUNG. The 11 Grenache was still quite closed after a 5 hour decant.