Rome Restaurants with outdoor seating

We’ll be in Rome at the end of June and looking for great restaurants that have outdoor seating. Any recommendations? Thank you!

Almost all of them.

Thanks Michael. We have reservations at Roscioli (appears no outdoor seating) but wondering if anyone would recommend a specific restaurant with outdoor seating (some folks in our party are COVID cautious). Thx!

Rome is a roaming town. Walk around, see what you like on the menu and if they have outdoor seating, most of them do. There’s likely more Covid risk getting to Rome, than eating in Rome.

Armando Al Pantheon has plenty of tables outside. Perfect place to try the Roman classics and a very good wine list with good BTG options as well. The amatriciana and veal saltimbocca made for a perfect lunch. We sat inside back in Sept but folks were mostly requesting outside tables. I think you can request outside when you make the reservation.

Roscoli has a smaller restaurant next door which I believe has a lot of the same dishes and has outside tables. We loved the original so much we ate their twice. Pizzeria Emma is also a great option. We had a terrific lunch there and then a light dinner one of our nights. Both meals were on their patio. They also have a great wine list as they are part of the Roscoli family.

We didn’t make it to Dafrancesco but it’s a board favorite and believe it has outside tables Michael is correct most of the restaurants and pizza shops will have outside tables. mike pobega is the man for pizza recco’s in Rome.

Some amazing cacio e pepe there, maybe the best I’ve had in Italy!

The very, very popular Da Enzo in Trastevere is a foodie destination. I don’t believe they have fancy wines, but the menu are full of wonderful surprises. No reservations, but if you time it early enough, you line-up time will be minimal/bearable.

added: Outside dining tables are available.

La Pergola.


The main Roscioli establishment did not have outside tables.
The smaller Roscioli across it did not have outside tables, only had makeshift tables (I don’t think they are truly tables) where you can place your inside-purchased food/drinks and stand around eating them. Not the most comfortable, unless you’re desperate for something from the salumeria. Also, almost everyone is hanging and waiting around for an available space.

Hi Ramon
When we were there in Sept the main Roscoli had a smaller cafe to the left of the main door and it had plenty of tables. Not sure if it’s no longer there or if you visited before we did ?

Antico Forno across the street has the stand up tables. Such a great spot to grab a quick meal or snack but I wasn’t referring to that location.

Thanks everyone!

Roma Sparita also has outdoor seating and makes one of the best cacio e pepe dishes in Rome.

The cafe next to Roscioli had a line 30 deep this past Sunday at noon. If you’re overly concerned about eating indoors in tight/cramped spaces, Roscioli might be a challenge for you, as the primary service area is in a small basement, packed with tables (and wine).

Bar San Callisto is a fun midday stop for the croissant/creme dish Stanley Tucci had in searching for Italy. I’ll post more notes whenever I get back to the US and have some free time :slight_smile:

Armando al Pantheon

I’ve had the same questions since I still eat outside where/whenever possible, and have looked for recent photos that are part of Google reviews on the restaurants to see the outdoor area. Then I called or emailed the places I chose to confirm an outdoor table with the reservation. Hopefully it holds up when we get there!

Google (and maybe Trip Advisor) can be useful for getting a sense for what these areas are like (tiny/cramped or somewhat nicer).

Armando seems to have a very clear policy on this, but the reservations go quickly - its popular right now. Good luck and let us know what you find!

From what I saw from hitting F5 several times a day… Armando‘ s reservations update real time in the system and you can catch tables as they become available. Outside of that, I was unable to leverage locals (including one with a Centurion Card) to break through :confused:

If you want to go to Roscioli try their wine bar Rimessa Roscioli, they have outdoor seating

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This is exactly how we chose this edition of Roscioli for one of our dinners in our upcoming trip - we looked through recent photos and the tables looked attractive at a restaurant we were interested in returning to. It’s not the full Roscioli experience, but it looks close enough to really enjoy. Thanks Riccardo!

As others have said, in the summer it is not hard to eat outside in Roma. Hosteria Grappolo d’Oro is close to Roscioli, really nice little trattoria. I also like Giggetto in the jewish ghetto, nice patio in back.

I see lots of references to Roscioli here and when I look I see that there are more than one Roscioli including Salumeria Roscioli and Roscioli Rimessa. What are the differences between these - are their others - and are they all owned by the same family (or portions of the same family). Planning a trip to Italy for the fall and I am getting a bit confused. Thanks for the help.

Hi Howard
They are all owned by the same broader family. The salumeria is the main restaurant and the one that can be hard to get into. I believe i booked 2 months out when we went. We went back our last day and caught a spot at the end of lunch getting added to their wait list. Rimessa is a wine bistro and has both tasting and ala carte menus. It looks like the menu is not quite as big but also is probably a little quieter and different vibe based on what I see. The Salumeria can be managed chaos but its terrific.

Pizzeria Emma I believe has a connection to the group. It’s a great casual spot with a broad food menu and wine list. Lastly, Antico Forno Roscoli is their bakery and pizza/sandwich lite bites. We had some terrific focaccia and mortadella sandwiches there. I would visit that spot multiple times a week if I lived in Rome.