Rolling the R's: Roulot, Raveneau and Roblet-Monot (w/ pics)

Last night I hit Willi’s Wine Bar in Paris for some good vino and food after an afternoon tasting filled with Chateauneufs (mostly 2007s). Teeth stained purple, fingers red, we settled at the bar looking to refresh our palates and scrub our teeth with some Burgundy. By happenstance, we ended up ordering a bunch of wines starting with R, so I taught Sarah how to roll her Rs like a good Frenchwoman.
First R: perusing the list, we found a bottle of 2007 Roulot Bourgogne Blanc that was calling to us. Tight at first, with nothing but super bright lemons and stinging acidity, this soon settled into a lovely white full of lemons, minerals, some honey and a hint of spearmint notes. The mouthfeel was gorgeous, both filling and elegant at the same time in that way that only good Burgundy can be.
Second R: after finishing the bottle, we were hungry, so we ordered some dishes at the bar (delicious, BTW), and had a glass of 2005 Raveneau Chablis 1er Cru Montee de Tonnerre. Oooooh, this bottle was just opened, and was glorious almost from the get-go. Seashells, honey, nuts, hints of cheese and minerals coated the mouth on a powerful frame that ended in juicy acidity with a seriously long and gripping finish. Perfect with our scallop and braised leek appetizer. This was so good that I forgot to keep it for the cheese course. Merde!
Third R: we knew we’d need a red for the guinea fowl dish main we would share, so we found a 2006 Roblet-Monot Volnay 1er Cru les Brouillards. Living up to its name, this was a bit foggy, not showing as well as other 2006s I’ve had and preferred (such as Bachelet, Fourrier and Raphet). Still, it was good with the food, offering dark cherries and a nicely typical Volnay spice on a somewhat light frame that ended in a medium-length finish. Nice, but I wouldn’t go out and buy a bottle.
Cheers! [berserker.gif]

Thanks for the great notes and pictures, Michel :slight_smile:

I recall the 2007 lineup at Roulot being very nice indeed… not that it’s such a surprise, mind you.
Just got the bottles… will open a Bourgogne Blanc shortly, your note definitely enticing me to do so…

I love the Roblet 2005 lineup, esp the Bourgogne.

This was my first Roblet, wasn’t impressed. I’ll give them another try, I have an open palate. But MAN was that Roulot delicious…