Robin Quivers from The Howard Stern Show tastes at Kapscandy

Episode 7: The Wine-ification of Gavan - Part 2 - YouTube" onclick=";return false;

We gotta get Robin to join WB. She’s a huge Cali Cab fan.

Boy is she annoying.
Her persona has become so elevated and distant from the humble beginnings of the show she is almost unwatchable. Thanks for sharing! [wow.gif]

But this is a wine thread so let’s talk wine. Nice Merlot and If you remember what I told you last time I don’t like Merlot… pileon

(I have been a Howard fan since 1983 & own a lifetime Sirius subscription. It’s not just her either. Eric, I mean Fred is just about as annoying. I am glad Artie is gone too. Good thing Sal and Richard do the heavy lifting of the comedic weight…)

I was speechless at what Lou said. [scratch.gif]

Yeah, I had to hear that again.

She’s too busy jetting around with her two cell phones that she can’t work. [snort.gif]


Kudos to her, she’s in great shape.

EyeChart hits the daily double! Cult cab and Howard Stern. Two things I love to kvetch about. [rofl.gif] [berserker.gif]

I would love to imbibe with Robin…

That was enjoyable viewing, thanks for the link.