Robert Parker - Napa 2015s

Is Parker done reviewing Napa/Sonoma? I visited the valley back in early September and the wineries I had tasted at hadn’t received a visit and weren’t sure if he would showing up because of supposedly having recent health issues. First off, I hope he’s doing better. I went deep this year based on his raving reviews for 15s, so eager to read his follow-up notes. If he does pass the torch, who will be filling those shoes, Lisa Perrotti-Brown?


My understanding is that he is not. Was in the company of a family member of a Napa winery on Monday and was told he is not reviewing due to health issues

Lisa is reviewing the wines, no she’s not done.

Indeed. She is collating with Hong Kong auction houses formulating ratings to move wines.

To no avail. Parker’s pretty much done these days. Lisa has Napa, but that may change. It’s not like anyone really knows her anyway. Gotta find someone else’s points now. It’s a strange new world . . .