Roadhouse Winery Pinot Noir Reviews from PinotReport via Cel

NOTE: The Poster is the owner of this winery, The reviews are by Greg Walter of PinotReport.

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Eric, are you not the owner of the winery?

This does look problematic, both from a WB and CT standpoint. ITB should say ITB on WB, and CT shouldn’t have professional notes posted under users’ own notes.

Eric - awaiting your reply (and likely potential edits)…


As you’ve noticed those are not my personal tasting notes, and I obtained permission in advance from Greg Walter to post them on CellarTracker, (and the subsidiary sites, like this one)

There was no mechanism I could find to add PinotReport to the “professional reviewer” list , and I think I attributed them as clearly as possible so no one would think they were by me.

If there needs to be some more ITB type of clarification, I’ll be happy to add it.


RoadHouse Winery,
Healdsburg, CA

A clear disclaimer such as ‘I am the owner of this winery’ at the beginning of the post would have helped, but in this case, I wonder why you didn’t just encourage the author to register and post himself…would have been far more effective, I believe.

Thanks for your input, I added an enhanced version of your suggested disclaimer at the beginning of the post.

Roadhouse Winery
Healdsburg, CA

In general I find the Pinot Report guilty of egregiously overscoring many wines that I find mediocre, but I’ve never had these. I’ll have to drop by the tasting room next time I’m up there.

I’ve received some feedback from the membership here, and I agree with it.

This type of ‘shilling’ should not be done on this forum. If the reviewer wants to post his own notes, that’s fine, but no winery should.