Riverain 2012 Oakville Tench Vineyard--thoughts?

They have reopened the list on these and are selling now for $90 each. Has anybody had any? Worth the tariff?

Thanks for your thoughts!

I’d be a buyer at that #.

Buy it. You are getting the touch of TRB well below the other pricing of the TRB stuff out there.

It’s a very good wine, and relatively good value in that category of Napa cabs and from vineyards in that immediate area. The 2012 is a 2012, so it’s going to be more ripe and plush than the 2011 and 2013 of the same wine. But it’s not a freak either, at least not in my opinion.

Disclaimer, one of the co-owners is a pal of mine.

Thanks, y’all!

Hi Joshua,

If you have any questions feel free to email me at steve@riverainvineyards.com

Thanks for your interest.

I have not tried these, but went in for 2 Cab and 3 Syrah. There seem to be so many reasons that they will be good. Check who else is making wine from these vineyards. Add TRB and passionate owners (as seen on this board), excellent CellarTracker reviews from knowledgeable wine drinkers. All positives in my book. Excited to try.

If you dont have them already, buy them.

The syrah kicks butt.