RIP Auberge du Pot d’Etain

So disappointing, I was very much looking forward to returning to this Aladdin’s cave of wine. A sad day to say the least, I’m sure many here share the sentiment.

That sucks. Any idea why they closed? Any idea what Fabien will do with his wine cellar?

No idea :confused: a buddy of mine just pointed out as he had come across the news. Obviously would be very interested to know what will happen to the wine!

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Drank some wonderful wines here over the years. Always had to play a few games to get to the wines you really wanted to raid off the list but it was worth it. Roumier '07 Musigny for well under $500 springs to mind.

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Someone bought it apparently. I shot them an email to see when they are opening and if they purchased the wine collection. Fingers crossed.

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Website says “this summer”, and mentioned they are building a new team.