RIISE Inaugural Offering

In for one of each. I love Realm, and enjoyed a fair amount of Denner early on.

This would be a much easier yes if the shipping wasn’t egregious considering almost all the other producers I order from in CA/OR end up around $35.


Josh, you know the Ignore function that people here keep referencing? I have that, but for shipping.

No, I hear you. I definitely winced when the shipping charge came up.

For how many bottles?



$58 for 4 bottles.

I am also passing simply because of the shipping charge. I think $57 from the Central Coast to the SoCal is beyond my tolerable level although I fully understand it is not just the cost of logistics itself.

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Does anyone know the volume of this release? How many cases per SKU? Just curious as they are doing a very strong marketing campaign with lots of emails and videos. I think it’s a great idea but I’m just curious.


I read 1,000 cases all in, can’t tell if this good marketing or folks are declining their offers and they need to drum up demand. Still on the fence.


Pass for me. I know what Anthony Yount can do with Paso fruit, been buying a little Denner for awhile now. I can’t imagine stylistically it’s much different than what he’s doing at Denner, and the price of admission for Denner is about $30 less per and shipping is less too.

i think its pretty clear demand was not what they hoped. Juan is a great guy and i wish him well but i think a number of people passed like I did


I need another SGM blend like I need a hole in the head. On the other hand, I bought a bottle of 2005 Realm BTK when Juan Mercado managed to drag himself to New York to pour his wines at some wine shop on the upper Eastside. Glad I did. Come to think of it, time to drink that. I should punish him for the fact that The Bard, which he was pouring that day, and which my wife liked, was magically out of stock after we ordered it.

So I guess the balance goes to the fact that I like the pretty labels. I ordered one of each of the 750s. The shipping for three bottles to New York is a bit steep , but I’m already overpaying for some rotted grape juice, so what’s a few more bucks to have it shipped to New York. If the wine is excellent, I’ll be happy I got in on the ground floor. If the wine stinks, I won’t order anymore, and the shipping will have wasted less than a glass of bad beer at a football game.


Does anyone know if they’re going to have a tasting room/be open for visits in Paso?

I initially couldn’t have been more excited for this release, but given the continued delays, the actual announcement couldn’t have felt more anti-climactic. I did have bottles in my cart, but when I went to plug in my CC info, I found myself asking whether I really needed another producer taking up space in the cellar, and I’ve concluded that I don’t.

My buying is far outpacing my drinking, and with close to 50 bottles of similar style I’ve yet to open, I’m opting to sit this one out.


I thought the release was very anti-climatic also. No “save the date” email leading up to the release - just an offering email randomly sent. Transparently I forgot I signed up, and by the time this offering came out, I had already committed my $ to many other wineries who beat them to the punch.

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While that’s something I can hear my wife saying, I kinda resemble that remark too lol.

I went in for 2 of each based on track record and I’ve done more foolish things that I’m sure I’ll regret more than this purchase. Haven’t bought a decent US Grenache (or blend) since Halcon changed hands though I loved Halcons price point (and shipping) a bit more.

Maybe it comes in a pretty wooden case for year 1… probably not, but one can hope.