Rieslingstudy11 - Pizza Beddia Philadelphia - March 1, 2022

The first #rieslingstudy event of 2022💥

AND for #rieslingstudy11 we make our first return visit to a very special venue.

This event will be at my favorite pizza joint in the world - Pizza Beddia on Tuesday, March 1st at 6:30 p.m. in Philadelphia.

@skinny.pablo will be flying in from LA.

@brewerytownbeats and legendary DJ Cosmo will be spinning and I am working on something with Schoolly D!

@vomboden and I will be digging deep into our cellars to select some old, rare and large format bottles.

Lastly we might have one seat open for the @kellerdalsheim G-Max and Hoagie VIP event on the Monday prior, hit me up if you are interested.

Link in my bio for tickets to #rieslingstudy11 #rieslingstudy

Full disclosure: This is a non-profit event, I make zero money and actually bring 12-24 bottles from cellar as well as coordinate all of the music at my own expense as well as purchase a number of tickets for emerging riesling lovers.



Damn - wish I could make it! Pizzeria Bedia

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It is going to be a special night! I am bringing Rieslings back to the 60s and we will have over 50 Riesling lovers all sharing great wines. Please pass the word along to any local riesling / wine lovers.

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this is going to be amazing. trying to sort this out for myself… brb.

It would be great to have you!

Bummed I can’t make this

One of my big regrets of 2021 was for some reason I can’t figure out skipping the 007 version of this. Been describing it as radio event where there were hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today.

Can you explain to a newbie how this works? Looking back it looks like there are a lot more than 4 wines to taste at each of these events, and I’ll certainly bring something to share (though it’ll be pretty modest in comparison to what you guys have…). Aside from the VIP night in the hoagie room, are there other separate things where you try the (even more) special stuff?

The four wines are provided by Pizza Beddia and included in the price. The rest of the participants all bring wine similar to La Paulee. BUT some are new to German wine and just bring one bottle, and others are collectors with deep cellars. I bring a couple of cases from my cellar, Stephen Bitterolf goes deep as well and I already know other collectors from the board like Sarah and Albert Huang are coming and are very generous. It is meant to be a very welcoming, non-pretentious celebration of Riesling. We have people flying in from all over the U.S.

Lots of board members have come to my other events and will hopefully chime in.

Oh and I should mention the music will be great.

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The events that Robert throws are always a beautiful celebration of riesling.

As Robert noted, they are as non-pretentious as they come.

Don’t worry about bringing an expensive bottle. If you are able to, bring a wine you enjoy and are passionate about. The price of the wine you bring is fairly irrelevant to all in attendance. No one is paying much attention to the price of the wine others bring. It’s just a group of people who are incredibly enthusiastic about riesling. It doesn’t matter whether you bring a $30 or a $300+ bottle. Everyone is just glad to be around others who share their passion for riesling. For many, it’s an opportunity to open the wines they love and share it with others.

And even if you don’t know much about riesling, or don’t have a bottle to contribute, all are welcome. Robert, Sarah, and others will gladly talk the ear off about riesling to anyone who’s interested in listening and pour them some great wines.

It’s always a wonderful time with people who are incredibly passionate about riesling, both trying and sharing it.


Thanks so much Rodrigo! You are a huge part of the vibe!

Still waiting for the Bordeaux one…


Paris is on the short-list.

Thought I felt my ears burning! Riesling Studies are the most fun and inclusive and welcoming of any wine events I’ve ever been to. And the breadth of wine that arrives is astounding. Jonathan and I will both be at Beddia - a rare Jonathan sighting! - and can’t wait for the food, wine, music and company.

I hope no one ever feels shy about making this a first time, or second, or tenth.

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I’d love to come out to this and meet some of y’all from this forum, but three kids is going to make it tough. My usual baby sitters are snow birding in FL at the moment.

Let me see why I can do…

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It’s really not to be missed, especially if you’ve never attended one before!

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Wow, this sound fantastic! We’re in… this will be the first wine event in over 10 years for me, and Journey will make a rare appearance as well.

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That is absolutely fantastic!

sf/oak/berk/wine country please…

Turned out to be a fantastic event from my perspective.

Just put up a thread in the main forum.