#rieslingstudy in Post-Pandemic NYC


#rieslingstudy - scenes from post-pandemic NYC

We opened the 94 @weinguthermannludes and 13 @weingut_a.j.adam + @julian.haart to welcome @modelhomedc to NYC prior to their show last night.

Both wines were spectacularšŸ’„

I have spoken and written at length on the Ludes wines and this particular bottle of 94 was light, vivacious and everything one could hope for in a 28 year old traditional SpƤtlese

The 13 Adam & Haart was mindblowingšŸ¤Æ Tension, energy and cracking like a Dilla drum beat. I hear @vomboden is bringing a 13 study to #rieslingstudy011 at @pizzacamp on Tuesday in Philadelphia.

Speaking of @vomboden yesterday was his birthday so that calls for Kabinett, 76ers and @fourhorsemenbk

I have been saving the 71 @lauerwine Kabinett to share with Stephen and last night was the perfect moment as we celebrated Stephenā€™s birthday and @jbailly @reneepatronik @vomboden and me reminisced on the importance of a friendship that has spanned nearly 20 years. The wine was simply ethereal and I everything I could have hoped for to celebrate StephenšŸŽ‚

We paired the 76 Eltz with the @nickcurtola fried chicken and mushroom dish and it was magical. The Eltz came from legendary collector Dr. Benjamin Ichinose, I could not help pondering what he might have thought about four diehard riesling freaks enjoying this wine from his collection 40 years into the future in post-pandemic NYC.

The finale was another 76, a Fritz Haag TBA that was perhaps too young but still provided all of the fireworks one would expect from a 76.

We finished the night with a visit to @nightmovesnyc a packed, steamy club where you can order Charles Dufour and listen to one of the best sound systems in NYC.

Seemed like old timesā€¦