Rieslingstudy Events in 2023

I am going to be doing a lot of Rieslingstudy events this year and expanding the format. Full disclosure these are not for profit events, in fact, they cost me a decent amount of money as I pay for all of the music, supplement the restaurant in various ways and bring a ton of wine. Any money charged goes 100+% to the venue.

The next event will be in NYC on February 27th at Porcelain and will include some special musical guests.

Here is the full summary of my recent IG post:

-#rieslingstudy will continue to be a gathering of the riesling tribe for an amalgation of food, music and riesling.

-rieslingstudy .5’s will be intimate gatherings for 4-8 people that will focus on unique, higher-end food pairings with riesling. Stay tuned for major announcements involving Fried Chicken, caviar and Keller G-Max and a separate event with authentic Memphis barbecue and riesling :poultry_leg::pizza::hotdog:

- #rieslingstudy+music These events will focus more on music, less on food, and of course will include riesling! Stay tuned for a big announcement involving Memphis and several Paris-Mosel listening sessions🔥

  • spätburgunderstudy, weissburgunderstudy, chardonnaystudy and silvanerstudy - after the success of our recent spätburgunderstudy we have decided to expand the large format studies to include other grapes - remember In the end Germany winsđź’Ą

- #rieslingstudytravel - these will be curated trips to various wine regions. Stay tuned a for a big announcement involving, Oregon🤯

Please DM me your email if you would like to be notified of future events:pray:t3:


Are these always in NYC?

Nope…so far I have done LA, NY, Chicago and Philadelphia.

I have two upcoming in Memphis and McMinnville and plan to hit many other cities this year.

Guests also fly in from around the country. In Chicago we had guests from LA, Houston, Dallas, NYC, NJ, Boston, Napa etc.

When will you be in Mcminville?

We are close to locking down the dates. We have circled May 21 and 22nd. It is going to be a big riesling and music fest. I am partnering with Evan Martin from Martin Woods. He has a Hifi bar.

Really cool Robert. Looking forward to it.