Rieslingstudy Events in 2023 Tickets Live for Rieslingstudy18 - Detroit

Future events are planned for McMinnville on May 20 and 21.

And Detroit tentatively scheduled for June 18th.

please hit me up if you are interested in attending.

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Robert, what would you say is the modal number of bottles each person bring to Rieslingstudy dinners?

Not Robert, but I’ve been to a fair amount of rieslingstudies. Some bring a single bottle, other crazy Riesling obsessives can bring 6+. Though I’d say no one should really worry about not bringing enough or not bringing something ‘worthy’ or super expensive. Just come with something you are excited to share with others. At the core rieslingstudy is about just Riesling geeks and sharing in that passion, regardless of how expensive or rare a bottle or bottles others bring

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Rodrigo nailed it. In NY where there is the highest percentage of wine geeks, it averages 3-4 per person.

In a place like Memphis where wine geeks were the minority most attendees brought 1 bottle. I brought two cases to make sure we had enough, went through one. A couple other generous collectors brought several bottles each.


Tickets are live for Rieslingstudy17

Sunday, May 21st at HiFi Bar - Live performances by Portland Hip Hop legend Vursatyle, LA based musician Skinny Pablo, DJs and other potential musical surprises.

A Germany meets Japan menu that pairs well with riesling is included.

Welcome party on Friday in Portland at Bar Norman

And if there is interest kicking around a small collector dinner on Saturday

Evan from HiFi Bar / Martin Woods has some rooms reserved.

Ticket link here

Disclaimer - I make zero money on these. I pay for the music, other costs and bring tons of wine. The money for the ticket goes 100% to the venue for food and space.


I’ll be there! My flight gets into PDX at 7ish, so I’ll be a little later. Looking forward to seeing people at Hi-Fi!

That is fantastic!

Passed this along to a winemaker down in Ashland - hopefully he can make it!

Thanks very much! We have a number of winemakers coming.

We are getting closer to Rieslingstudy017! I am digging really deep in the cellar for this one as are a few other collectors including Stephen Bitterolf from Vom Boden so it will be a great opportunity to taste a lot of great German wine. This of course is not required bring just one bottle. A number of local winemakers will be in attendance. Just thought I would bump this as we are getting closer. Please pass the word to anyone that might be interested.

Following up on #rieslingstudy017 which was an incredible success! We had over 300 people at the Friday event at Bar Norman in Portland. And 150 at the main event in McMinnville at Hi-Fi Wine Bar. It was truly mind-blowing and heart warming to see 100s of bottles of riesling on every table and riesling in every glass!

We now bring the party to Detroit on June 18th. These events are basically La Paulee for German wine in a more casual setting with GREAT music and better food :smile:

I thought I would post here just in case anyone is in the area, I make zero money from these events and actually spend a ton and bring lots of wine all because of my love of German wine and respect for the hardest working growers in the world!


Super stoked to finally be able to get to a RS!

Ladder4 is awesome. Great people, excellent food and the space - an old firehouse - is fantastic.

So glad you are coming! This is going to be one for the ages.


Oh no! We are one hour away but I’ll be in Europe all month. I would have loved to be there. Next time!

Sorry to miss you!

Tickets are selling fast and are all most sold out.

Detroit is going to be one for the ages!

For anyone local there will be a Vom Boden party on Saturday night at Stadtgarten and an after-party on Sunday starting at 9 at Ladder4.

The Rieslingstudy018 dinner is SOLD OUT.

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