Rieslingstudy Events in 2023 Tickets Live for Rieslingstudy17 McMinnville

I am going to be doing a lot of Rieslingstudy events this year and expanding the format. Full disclosure these are not for profit events, in fact, they cost me a decent amount of money as I pay for all of the music, supplement the restaurant in various ways and bring a ton of wine. Any money charged goes 100+% to the venue.

The next event will be in NYC on February 27th at Porcelain and will include some special musical guests.

Here is the full summary of my recent IG post:

-#rieslingstudy will continue to be a gathering of the riesling tribe for an amalgation of food, music and riesling.

-rieslingstudy .5’s will be intimate gatherings for 4-8 people that will focus on unique, higher-end food pairings with riesling. Stay tuned for major announcements involving Fried Chicken, caviar and Keller G-Max and a separate event with authentic Memphis barbecue and riesling :poultry_leg::pizza::hotdog:

- #rieslingstudy+music These events will focus more on music, less on food, and of course will include riesling! Stay tuned for a big announcement involving Memphis and several Paris-Mosel listening sessions🔥

  • spätburgunderstudy, weissburgunderstudy, chardonnaystudy and silvanerstudy - after the success of our recent spätburgunderstudy we have decided to expand the large format studies to include other grapes - remember In the end Germany winsđź’Ą

- #rieslingstudytravel - these will be curated trips to various wine regions. Stay tuned a for a big announcement involving, Oregon🤯

Please DM me your email if you would like to be notified of future events:pray:t3:


Are these always in NYC?

Nope…so far I have done LA, NY, Chicago and Philadelphia.

I have two upcoming in Memphis and McMinnville and plan to hit many other cities this year.

Guests also fly in from around the country. In Chicago we had guests from LA, Houston, Dallas, NYC, NJ, Boston, Napa etc.

When will you be in Mcminville?

We are close to locking down the dates. We have circled May 21 and 22nd. It is going to be a big riesling and music fest. I am partnering with Evan Martin from Martin Woods. He has a Hifi bar.

Really cool Robert. Looking forward to it.

When will you be in Memphis. IU have a friend there who collects Mouton who might be interested, and he is an expert on Memphis BBQ. We had a Scholium tasting at his house in Memphis about15 years ago. Abe sent barrel samples.

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The #rieslingstudy15 dinner tickets sold out in less than 3 minutes

I just put up the after-party tickets.

There will be tons of wine left over from the dinner, live music, DJs, you get a glass of riesling with your $15 ticket purchase, feel free to BYOR (Bring Your Own Riesling)

NOTE: Rieslingstudy guests receive automatic entry into the afterparty – seperate tickets are not required. Afterparty guests will receive a free glass of wine upon entry. Ben Pirani will perform a 40-minute set starting at 10 PM, followed by B2B vinyl sets through 12:00 AM. Reservations are required.


A New York-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with vintage soul and R&B inclinations, Ben Pirani fronted a number of different projects for small labels like Cherries Records and Palmetto St. Recording Co. in the mid-2010s before making his solo debut under his own name with the sophisticated retro-soul of 2018’s How Do I Talk to My Brother?. Ben’s performance will be followed by back-to-back vinyl sets by SkinnyPablo, Soilpimp and DJ Eat Records.

Robert, this sounds fantastic. I wish I enjoyed Riesling more than I do.

This would be a great opportunity to try about 50 of them. All styles, all ages.

A few updates!

Rieslingstudy15 is this Monday, February 27th at Porcelain in Ridgewood, Queens. If you do not know there is something very special happening in Ridgewood, many new restaurants and a community of artists and musicians has developed.

The dinner sold out in less than 5 minutes. We have opened up tickets for the after-party. The after-party starts and 10, trust me there will be lots of great wines remaining from the dinner. Soul sensation Ben Pirani will be performing live with a special guest. Live DJ sets by Skinny Pablo and others.


#rieslingstudy16 will be in Memphis on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

There will be a collector lunch from 3-6 at Barbecue Shop. I will be bringing an array of German rieslings dating back to the 50s-70s, (e.g. Egon Muller, JJ Prum) and other rare bottles like Keller G-Max plus large format bottles.

This will be followed by an evening of music with Cut Chemist as the headliner.

Memphis Hip Hop legends ShawtyPimp and SkinnyPimp engaged in some rieslingstudy!

Please hit me up if you are interested in attending the lunch or simply have questions.

Cut Chemist is always a really great time! That will be a great event.

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#rieslingstudy15 was a stunning success! Porcelain outdid themselves with the food. The music was beautiful. And well we had 100 wines dating back to the early 70s. Alton Brown was a guest and turns out to be a huge fan.

Ben Pirani and his trio performed a wonderful set as the big fluffy snowflakes coated the ground and the windows fogged up.

Ben’s set was followed by a unique set of live beat making and original compositions from LA based musician Skinny Pablo.

We had 40 for dinner and close to double that for the After-Party.

No rest for the wicked we are taking the show to Memphis this weekend!

That looked absolutely amazing Robert. The rieslingstudy events just keep getting better and better!

We missed you!

Bummed I couldn’t be there! Hopefully I can make it to the next’s one!

Memphis was a huge success! The lunch at B-B-Q Shop was wonderful. We drank some incredible wines and the pairing worked well.

We had 300 people at the evening music event including Memphis Music Royalty Boo Mitchell and my favorite Memphis Hip Hop artist Shawty Pimp!

For those wondering what these events are like you can check out photos from Monday’s event in NYC at Porcelain.

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