RieslingStudy and Ugly Baby

I put this in the Epicurean thread but I thought it also deserved its own thread with more on the wines.

A couple of friends have been raving about Ugly Baby a Thai restaurant in Brooklyn where you not only have to reserve in advance you have to order in advance. I dutifully did this through instagram DM and headed over on my appointed date…a little apprehensive about the heat levels in the food. I brought three Rieslings one Feinherb, two Kabinetts (one on the bigger end of the spectrum and one lighter). The food was stunning and only one dish was very hot. The vibe is super colorful and welcoming. Adding to the charm there is an above ground subway that passes by the window. Corkage is $30 but they also have a nice well thought out wine list. Highly recommend this spot. Hopefully going to do a Rieslingstudy buyout here.

I would say the Rieslings worked ok alongside the food but were not necessarily good pairings. I am frankly not sure if there is a symbiotic wine pairing with this food but I plan to try more things in the future as I will definitely be going back.

2012 Karthauserhof Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg Kabinett - The sweetest by far of the Kabinetts. Still very youthful and sweet. It definitely has not yet moved over to the tertiary side, this has a long life ahead. Went well with the hotter dishes. Lucking we had the wines chilled as I fear if this was served just a tad too warm the sugar would have been out of balance.

2018 Stein Weihwasser (Feinherb) - This has lost some of the charming aromatics it had in its youth and that the 19 and 20 have now. Like Ugly Baby itself…charming.

2017 Karl Haidle Stetten Pfeffer Kabinett - A true Kabinett. Great acidity. Overall lovely wine from an up and coming producer that is sadly too hard to find in the U.S. The winery has been around for awhile however the current winemaker is young ( https://www.instagram.com/ritzling/ ) and very ambitious and it shows in the recent wines.



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Great notes, thank you Robert.

What are your favorite varietals / styles to pair with high-spice SE Asian / Southern Chinese cuisines?

What a name for both a thread and a restaurant

I don’t have a great pairing. I usually do Riesling because I LOVE riesling and it is never a bad pairing but as much as I like Riesling I don’t subscribe to the high-spice / heat and Riesling philosophy.

Next time I go back here I think I am going to try a very light chilled Red.

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According to the NY Times review:

“Ugly Baby, which is named after the Thai superstition that evil spirits won’t bother harming unattractive infants.”


Elaine, you gotta see the baby

I like low alcohol Auslesen with good acidity for spicy Thai if drinking wine at all. But usually I just drink beer.


Last meal there was 2 years ago and it kicked a lingering cold/sinus issue my wife was dealing with to the curb.

If I recall, we had a bottle of boudignon Chenin Blanc that was nice but I should have gone with something with more rs.

The Karthäuserhof Kabi I brought seemed to be closer to a Spatlese and it worked well. Next time I will try an Auslese. I do agree Beer is the better pairing for hot foods.