#rieslingstudy - 1978 JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett

We had an in-depth source | material R&D session last night. We took a break for some food so I opened a 78 Prum WS Kabinett and wow what a glorious wine. The color looked great and the cork was very tight so I was immediately excited. Needless to say right from the first whiff it was heaven. Just a perfect example of an aged Kabinett from a great vineyard and producer. One of the best wines I have had this year. I can’t wait for the upcoming Aged Kabinett and Nordic Cuisine Rieslingstudy!


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Wow. I do not ever remember 1978 as a vintage for German wines. Back in the day, the first German wine vintage I really had much of was 1971. Then I had some 1975s and 1976s and bought some 1979s, but cannot remember ever having had a 1978. Fascinating.

There’s a 78 Eiswein-Kabinett too, which as far as I can tell from CT, are the only two wines made by JJP in 78.


Thank you Robert - sounds really nice! 1978 is not a year that I’ve had much from at all.