RieslingKenner 3rd Annual Falkenstein Charity tasting-you are invited

The RieslingKenner 3rd Annual Hofgut Falkenstein Vintage tasting has arrived! We are bringing you the opportunity to taste through every single bottling that will make it to the US, that is 24 different micro bottlings from the incredible 2021 vintage made by the highly sought after Hofgut Falkenstein. There is no other tasting like this in the world! If you are a Riesling lover, heck if you are a wine lover, you can’t miss this tasting!

We are so excited to be hosted by Easy Does It in Chicago and to have the opportunity to support the Trotter Project in connection with Robert Houde Wines. This is what RieslingKenner is all about - Bringing people together through the vehicle of Riesling and helping those in need along the way. The Trotter Project ( https://www.thetrotterproject.org/ ), in memory of the great Charlie Trotter, works to strengthen community education, access, and connection to fresh, healthy food, culinary and hospitality innovators, and food producers.

Please join us at Easy Does It ( https://www.easydoes.it/ ) on Sunday, October 23. Come and enjoy the racy beautiful wines of Hofgut Falkenstein, the tasting starts at 5pm. Please follow the link below to purchase your tickets. Limited spots available, so please don’t wait to reserve your spot!


See you there!




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Also for those thinking about attending the event on Sunday please do come by. A surprise special guest-DAVID SCHILDKNECHT from Vinous will be flying in and talking about the wines he has been an expert in for decades.