Rich champagne knock-offs: what’s the wish version of selosse, krug, vintage bollinger?

Good call on Bouquin Dupont.

We work with their US importer should someone be interested, I can redirect you to them.

Tom Stevenson says ‘great Krug’ isn’t at all oxidative.

I’ve never understood that viewpoint.

Well why did you have to come and say this then, if nobody here said that it is “really oxidative” and even dug up an old thread about it?

A few have mentioned in this thread that Krug is just an oxidative Champagne and that is absolutely correct, because it is not made reductively.



Agree on Charles Heidseick Brut Reserve. Moreso in the past, but still worth a look today.

Domaine de Montbourgeau’s Crémant du Jura has scratched the itch for me for about half the price of equivalent champagne.

Agree that its become harder and hard to find under $100.

Thanks for the tip, bought one and had it last night with some winos and it delivered! Will purchase again for sure!

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In the oxidative camp I also recommend Charles Dufour(if you like natural) and Miniere. For the high acid fino profile, try the Gondes-Rousseaux, particularly their flagship blanc de fut.

For Krug, Roger Brun is a reasonable replacement but they can be wood heavy from time to time.

Interesting, re Charles Dufour do you mean Bulles de Comptoir or Julie Dufour?

The Martenot Bistrotage wines. Recent Bulles de Comptoir releases are great on their own terms but different in style.


Some great suggestions above, and love the Montbourgeau idea - will have to try that.

A couple of other (inexpensive) ideas:

  • Collard-Picard Cuvee Prestige
  • Henri Giraud Esprit
  • Quartet by Roederer (California)