Rice, Beans, and Manischewitz

It’s not just us Jews…

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Requires an acquired taste. My M-I-L breaks mani out for all of the holidays. Fortunately, I bring my own wines which is the only way to make it through those long dinners.

Manischewitz isn’t real wine in the way we think of wine. It’s fortified and made from Concord grapes (which are not even Vitis vinifera). Plus, it tastes gross, unless your 13.

Many years ago, there was a TV show called “Rhoda”. It was notable because it was one of the first TV shows in which the main characters were clearly identified as being Jewish.

I was watching it once with my mother (who was raised in a Kosher home). She had to explain this joke to me after she stopped laughing:

Rhoda’s parents come to dinner. Rhoda is trying to go upscale and has a bottle of Bordeaux on the table. Her father picks up the bottle and says “I didn’t know wine comes in round bottles.”