Rhys Hillside Pinot Noir 2021

Same here - I’ll still pick up a couple, but i used to max out the allocation - don’t feel like I can justify that anymore :frowning:

Wow that’s horrible and a slap in the face if that is how they treat members. That alone would piss me off to never buy again.

I wasn’t aware that they even took visitors. I’m uniquely lucky that Rhys has a pickup event twice a year, and we can get there in about 45 minutes, so it’s actually one of the easier winery visits for us. Those events are fantastic, with many of the wines from next release being poured, and plenty of food. Couple that with their customer service, willingness to rectify any problems, bad bottles, etc., no questions asked, and it’s a top tier operation in my book. Everyone has to decide what they like, factoring in price, and maybe my local connection puts me in a different position than those across the country, but Rhys continues to impress me.