Rhys e-mailer out

Just hit the inbox. Reasonable prices. Free shipping. These 2007s are positively astonishing.

Gotta love it. Hoping the economy causes some to drop out so I can pick up some home/skyline/chard off the wishlist, but with Rhys I kind of doubt it.

Yea, the team at Rhy’s has made this very hard to resist. One of the few wineries where I still purchase a couple of cases a year. And don’t hate myself in the morning.

All I was allocated were a both of the Alesia’s and the Rhys Family farm. Order placed…

I’ve got my allocation available if you want it. I’m WAY over with recent wine purchases, so I’m skipping it. 3 Family Farm, 6 Falstaff Road, 12 Alesia SC

Arggh, like the Rivers Marie offer, I have to pass on Rhys this go-around too! [cry.gif]

As much as I would love to, no can do…I too am way over and am still ordering from Conn Valley so I’m done until at least November after this.

Me too,

Not getting offered the others is a major let-down.

Anyone got any of these to share? :slight_smile:

2007 Rhys Family Farm Vineyard Pinot Noir $49
2007 Rhys Home Vineyard Pinot Noir $59
2007 Rhys Skyline Vineyard Pinot Noir $59

I’ll take 2 of each if anyone’s got any flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile

Also a bit bummed at only getting Alesia’s and the Rhys Family farm. Oh well, maybe there is a wish list.

Same here but I think I might as well just pass. I’ve ordered a lot of the Alesia’s over the past few years and what few Rhys PN’s and the Chard I was offered last year. Bummer. I must not have purchased enough of the Alesia’s to earn an offer for the Rhys line-up. I’m not a fan of that business model. Perhaps I’ll move on and reconsider some Ceritas now.
[cry.gif] [swearing.gif]

I completely agree… posted this on another board -

I missed [ordering] last time b/c I fundamentally disagree with their business model of forcing you buy cheap stuff before offering you the nicer stuff.

I can understand loyalty reward if it’s one super rare estate bottle… but if 50% (2/4) of their product offering is limited only if you buy others, I disagree in principle.

If that’s why I can’t get any this time, or if it’s 2/6 (the Alesia) this time that I must buy before i can get some of Rhys ones, then I guess I’m not fortunate enough to ever get Rhys.

Chicken/Egg argument I guess. What’s gonna come first? By looking at the popularity [of Rhys] on the board, I’m guessing NOT the winery

Oh well, there are other wines to spend money on i guess…

I guess the flip side is that if you like the wine enough, you’ll get after it any way you can.

I really like what the Rhys guys have going and I really enjoy their wines. I’ve chosen my path - order in!

I just ordered my full allocation of Rhys (3 Family Farm, 2 Alpine Chard), along with 4 Alesia Sonoma Coast and 3 Alesia Falstaff. I also Wish Listed 2 each of the Chard, Home and Skyline.

I am psyched about my Chard allocation, considering how small the production appears to have been and the fact that I have only been on the list since about this time last year. In that time I have purchased all of the Rhys I have been offered, plus some Alesia, in each offering

I don’t get the posts that suggest that there is something wrong with basing Rhys allocations on historical orders of both Rhys and Alesia. It’s the same producer. How else is Rhys supposed to determine how to allocate small quantities of wine for which there is a huge amount of demand? Besides, the Alesia are great for the money, and there is more of it to go around. I’m not going to waste time lamenting the fact that I probably won’t get any Skyline or Home this time around.

nope. fundamental disagreement. Guess i’m stubborn, but it’s just wine…
and there’s plenty of wine i like…
i guess i’ll do anything to get it if Rhys is the only vineyard in the world that makes Pinots. Otherwise, i disagree with their promotion/business model.

As to Brad - not sure if you know what we’re talking about.
it’s not about allocating based on historical purchase of BOTH Rhy AND Alesia.
it’s if you don’t buy Alesia this time, you get NO Rhys this time AND next time.
that’s BS to me…

I don’t really have a horse in this race, and I too am frustrated at not being allocated Chard/Home/Skyline, but Rhys/Alesia are the same winery so I don’t see why Kevin would separate them for the sake of allocations. If you’re allocating limited production wine, I see no problem with tying it to total purchases, including Alesias (which themselves are killer wines).

I understand what you are saying. I just don’t agree that it is a bad business model for the reasons I stated. Then again, as I also said, I look forward to ordering the Alesia wines and would do it even if I had no Rhys allocation.

I mean…

i got 2 outta the 4 last time…
if i don’t buy those 2… i get 0/6 this time

so unless i buy those 2, i get 2/10 in a year

why even bother adding me to the mailing list? [truce.gif]

I agree, it’s not a BAD business model. They sell out everything, so obviously their business model works. As an analyst, i would say GREAT model! :slight_smile:

It’s just one i disagree with.

I can respect the fundamental argument. In simple terms, I don’t have one so its a bit easier for me but I can see your persepective.

But if you consider ‘The List’ at Williams Selyem or similar producers like KB, there are some strange happenings that go on to determine your allocation there. I’ve yet to understand how they all work and will likely never try.

In the case of Rhys, I just enjoy their wines and put them higher on my personal list. If I get allocated more - great! If I don’t and I really want 'em, I’ll find 'em. Well, maybe with the exception of Home as there is only one barrel of production juice there. That was my only point.