Rhone Report, Issue #3

The new issue just came out and Jeb heads back to Southern France w/ 174 reviews, Northern Rhone 51 reviews, Spain 33 reviews and an 29 additional reviews from the last issue that covered Cali Rhone Rangers.

He also posted the schedule for the rest of the year
May- Australia and Washington
August- 2008 CdP
November- Rhone Rangers

http://www.therhonereport.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Jeb, cheers to your hard work. [berserker.gif]

Many thanks for the link Mike!

Feedback (I have thick skin) is always appreciated so holler if there’s ever anything I can do to make the report more useful for you.

Thanks again.

Jeb -

LOVE everything - except the website. Please let me get you in touch with some cutting edge web designers!


99+ on the 07 Marcoux VV - I like how you think…

nice work, Jeb! I look forward to setting down with your report a bottle of CdP. [cheers.gif]

Jeb rocks!


I got an error message on the donation link.

Could be my computer?

Ha, I’m all ears!

Jeb = win!


Great job.

Damn… I don’t know why that link fails. I guess I can’t do that from a pdf. I’ve updated the pdf to link to the donation page on my site. It’s an extra click but at least it works. Sorry Dan.

Thanks Brian, Mark and Eric.

You thank everyone except for the guy trying to give you money?


Ha… Thanks Dan!! flirtysmile

You’re a freakin’ ruler… will you be out again for HdR? Love the notes on the 07 Big Basins – those grapes just looked so good coming out of the fermenter, a blockbuster vintage for that winery.

Jeb is an invalueable reference point for me when it comes to CDP buying decisions. I’ll take a gander over to the donations page to help him out. [dance-clap.gif]

Ian, I’m planning on being out there. Big fan of Bradley’s wines.

Thanks Faryan and Ian.


Glad to hear you’ll be coming back to HdR this year . . I will be pouring my own tercero wines this year - yippee!!!

Do you have plans on coming out for Rhone Rangers as well?!?!? There are going to be some very cool seminars on Sat and Sun prior to the tasting - you might want to consider . . . .


Just printed this off…really looking forward to it! I seem to find lots of value in Spanish & Languedoc Rhone blends–should be a good read!

Larry, I won’t be able to make it out there for that.

Phillip, let me know how that prints if you would. I tried to increase the page margins so it would staple better but never got around to actually printing it and seeing how it looked.

it printed fine, Jeb - better than Issue #1, which had margins that were too small (when hole-punched for a three-ring binder the hole punches went into the text a bit). Issue #3 will make for some excellent reading this weekend. [basic-smile.gif]

Awesome. Thanks Brian. Feedback, both good and bad, is very much appreciated!