Revisiting wines from the past couple of days

08’ Edi Simcic Rebula ‘Rubikon’ -Really excited to see this wine case stacked in PCC, $22 retail, I have seen the higher end wines for upwards of $100 so it was nice to at least try something from this producer. Nose was mellow with hints of hay and straw, some peachy notes in between. In the mouth the acid has really blossomed (in a good way). At first this was very low acid and really heavy, not cloying but heavy on it’s feet, now, it has opened to a pure stainless acid, wrapped with apricot, lemon and under-ripe peach. I would mistake this for a very structured unoaked Sav Blanc. The nose has notes of the classic bubble gum ‘black Jack’, lemon grass, ginger, gooseberry, really cool nose. It would be interesting to put a few of these away for a couple of years.

07’ Maybach, Cabernet ‘Materium’- Last night this wine was rockin’ curious to see it today, I think I have a 4oz pour. Slight coal note, with ripe fruit, blue fruits with a bit of cream. I don’t know if this is the best that can come from this vineyard. Yes it is delicious and I will drink it and enjoy it but I get no earth, no place, no other nuance that would give me a reason to enjoy this past pure hedonism. I have 5 more plus a mag so I will be watching this for sometime to go. I hope this baby fat will shed, I just wanted a little more, but delicious to drink.

99’ St. Innocent, Pinot ‘7 Springs’- Opened last night after the Maybach, I understand that was probably the thing not to do, but Stacey came home and said I want Pinot! So Pinot it was, very tight and restrained nose that was WV Pinot, strawberry, dust. I decanted for sediment last night and poured it back in the bottle with a rinse. About half left over, today the wine was showing strong Oregon Pinot oak, the combo of a Mounds candy par with raspberry fruit, not syrupy but lifted and framed. A cassis note with spearmint and blue fruits. In the mouth the wine is a bit like under sugared Kool-aid, a little fruit up front, slides down the palate and finishes short. I might be selling this wine short, it is starting to open even more as I type.