Reverse Berserkerfest in the New York Burbs - Saturday, August 17, 2024 - Now with details

Assuming the date works, this sounds like an amazing time and my wife Laurie and I would love to attend if there is room. We have Traeger smoker and I happen to be maried to an amazing cook so jujst let me know what we can bring. Can easily do another brisket, smoked chicken wings with a dipping sauce, desserts, etc.

:grin: We’ll be there unless we are bottling. :wine_glass:

Ohh … haha well I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but mole verde doesn’t use tomatillo. The base for mole verde is typically stock, pumpkin seeds, and cilantro. Happy to show you how it’s done :wink:

Sounds like your recipe might be pollo en salsa verde, but that’s an entirely different dish and not a mole.

Edit: I looked through the mole Verde recipes in my two favorite Mexican cook books. One of them does use some tomatillo (400 gr for 8 servings); the other book doesn’t use them at all. Anyways, the pumpkin seeds are really the base of mole verde in both cases.

Date dependant I would be interested with a +1!

Depends on date he will be in Italy for a month this summer.

I also would be interested dependent on date.

Interested +1 depending on date.


Likely in and +1, depending on travel plans
Will make/bring what’s needed for food items

We are away that weekend unfortunately :frowning: next year!

Can’t make it alas. You may not miss me, but you’ll miss mah bread!

can’t do that wknd, unfortunately

We should be able to make it - don’t know what we are bringing yet.
Karen and John

We will add a Jean Edwards Wine table!

Next year? Someone else will have to volunteer. I am all out of excuses to make my wife crazy.

My wife Laurie and I would love to join in. Just let us know what to bring. From salads to apps to smoked wings to a full blown smoked brisket, it’s ALL good!

Bring whatever you want. I am organizing the wine. Food is anarchy mixed with people who fashion themselves as experts in everything flavor. I do nothing on the food side of the equation except that we will provide plates, cups, serving pieces and heating equipment. That’s a lot easier than 5 full dinners (one every two hours) followed by dessert for our first Berserkerfest - see link above.

I lie. We will probably prepare some side dishes, depending on what other people are going to bring. I’m thinking coleslaw - creamy and vinegar mustard - if someone is bringing slow cook pulled pork; and garlic bread, because you can’t have too much garlic or butter; and macaroni and cheese jambalaya, since my grandson’s team (him, his father and me) won third place most creative macaroni and cheese at the Hudson Valley Macaroni and Cheese Festival; and maybe some broccoli crunch salad, since it is a good excuse to eat bacon.


Definitely in! Not the best cook, but always interested in a chance to chef it up a little.

In and so is my wife Julie. Probably bringing a slow cooked brisket.

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