Retailer Check - Winetonomy - Reston VA

Hi. Anyone have any experience with this shop? It’s close enough to take a road trip just to get out of the house.



I don’t know about them, but Vienna Vintner in Vienna is very good. Has selection from about $15 to $1500 and the whole staff is really good at pointing you to your tastes.
Owner has a winery in Paso Robles and makes some nice house-branded wines as well. Worth a trip and might even be closer.

My wife has a friend in Reston I can ask about Winetonomy. She used to work a lot of the wine festivals in the area so she’s been to most shops and wineries in northern VA.

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Surprisingly, she had not heard of it. Sorry. If you do go out there let us all know if it was worth the trip.

The address online takes you to an EZ Storage facility. Couldn’t find actual pictures of the store. Let us know if it exists.

EZ Storage crosses them off the list. [snort.gif]

Hi, I saw this post after ordering from them and was very skeptical. I called them and Chad, the owner, was very helpful and my order was exactly as expected. He is an online retailer only. Trustworthy source!

Did they allow you to pick up in person, or is this a ship-only outfit?