Retailer check: The Odd Wine Co.

Anyone have experience with them?

Yes, very good experiences. They care about provenance/storage, etc. too.

I bought four old Bordeaux bottles from them, at quite a generous discount, and have opened two. One of them (a 1988 LMHB) I can’t really judge because I think I heat-damaged it on a trip. But the 1970 Haut Brion I popped was just plain weird. It was simple, nowhere near mature, and summarily mediocre–basically unrecognizable. The previous time I tried that wine it was a glorious combination of tobacco, cocoa, herbs, and rhubarb, complex and at peak. I can’t imagine anyone would bother to fake a 1970 Haut Brion instead of, say, a 1982 or 89. But it was a very disorienting experience.

The guy I dealt with, Al Sirois, was very nice and responsive at the time of purchase. But I haven’t bothered to contact him to let him know about this peculiar bottle because I have no grounds to make any accusations or request any compensation.

Well, it is the Odd Wine Co after all.

Thanks for the feedback. The items I’m looking at are recent vintages. May give them a try.