Retailer Check- Haskell's

Hi everyone,

They have some interesting deals on wines 15-30 yrs old. There seem to be mixed reports on this board about them.

Curious if they are recommended, or to be avoided.


Avoid. I’ve seen Haut Brion vintages stacked up by the case in their 70+ degree shops for years and years. They have a warehouse they claim is 55 degrees, but people I know have purchased 10 year old champagne and other fine wine that is flat or off in a way suggesting poor long storage.

Assuming we’re talking about Haskells in the Minneapolis area, I would avoid for anything older. One of my good friends bought a series of wines there several years ago and ended up batting about 50/50 on drinkable bottles. The good news is that they gave him a refund on any bad bottle he brought back, but that’s obviously only realistic if you’re local. The one older bottle I purchased there, a Prum riesling, was no good. They are fine for newer wines, in my experience, but rarely have compelling pricing on those bottles.

Lots of negative stories on this retailer. I was looking at some older Rhones years ago there, and then realized after reading locals comments on WB that they were likely to be stewed/cooked. So I passed.

If it’s owned by anyone related to Eddie Haskell, avoid at all costs !! Lol

Farrell family. They bought it from the Haskell’s Family many years ago. For sure avoid those older wines. Locally if you buy it and it is bad they will refund your money no problem but as others have said no temp control, no need to buy.

It was a joke!!

Yes I know Bill or Billy. What is not a joke is they used to offer a great sale but the last 10 years they are not doing a good job locally. They are trying to be the local Total Wine.

Do you know Eddie Haskell?

Yes I am old enough to know him and that is how Haskell’s is running their operation in 2022.


Apparently not this Eddie Haskell:


The Twin Cities metro area has a population of over 4 million people residing in an area of over 8100 sq miles, yet there’s only a handful of stores I buy from. This chain isn’t one of them.–Saint_Paul

Glad to see this thread as I almost posted an inquiry last week after seeing some Jadot with age in their inventory. I vaguely remembered hearing to avoid so this confirms it.

Love the board and all the members within a region to offer the unbiased advice. I used to like Haskell’s 10 plus years ago as their sales would have some good deals. 2001 Montrose at $40 was one of the better. Their problem is they don’t know how to price Old World Wines to move them. When you are trying to sell a first growth for $250 more than everyone else and this is 10 plus years ago no one is buying as we would hope you would shop around when buying wines like this.

I have heard even their storage for cellaring cases is bad and I know there was a thread about that years ago.

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I assume the truth trumps any kind of libel here. I don’t think I would be quite as ready as some of you, to write openly on doing business with the company.

For newer releases buy away. I buy a lot of beer and wines under $40 at Haskell’s and anytime a bottles is off no issue with a refund. They are well run however the concern here was the older wines and as someone who has been in their store 300 plus times (many of the locations) the vertical storage at 70 degrees is not good.