Restaurants in and around Avignon

Planning to be there in a week or so; any recommendations?


Beaugraviere in Mondragon. About 20 minute ride towards Valence.

This. Though it’s more like 30-40 minutes.
Very good food, terrific Rhône-centric wine list.

This might be helpful:

An un-recommendation - we had an underwhelming meal at L’Artemise in Uzes (an otherwise great town) - and to make matters worse we both got reasonably sick afterwards.

If you end up near Fontvieille (northeast of Arles), we’ve had really nice meals at Le Patio and La Cuisine au Planet. Neither are worth the drive from Avignon, but if you find yourself in the environs, they are welcoming restaurants with food of the first order

We had a really nice meal at Christian Etienne a couple of years ago in Avignon. They are located right next to the Palace of the Popes which makes for a nice walk after lunch or dinner.

Had a good meal at La Cave du Theatre in Avignon a couple years ago. Decor could use some help, but both my wife and I were pleased with all of the food we ordered. IIRC, the way the menu is printed (looks amateur-hour) as well as the poor decor had us really doubting the credibility of the recommendation we had received from our hotel’s owner that this place was good. For lack of any better well-informed options, we gave it a chance and were ultimately happy that we did. It’s worth stopping by and looking at the menu, at least.

Mark; We also enjoyed Christian Etienne. In addition, we really thought the food at Restaurant L’Essentiel was fabulous. Etienne is a bit more formal but I think you would enjoy them both.