Restaurants for Munich/Vienna/Budapest

Does anyone have restaurants they would recommend for dinners in Munich, Vienna, or Budapest? We are looking for a mix of starred restaurants and simple but good examples of local cuisine. Price not really an issue except that there be what you would consider good value for the money.

So far I have only Tantris (Munich) and Onyx (Budapest) on the list.

Also I’m still looking for a driver to take us on day trips from Munich. If you have someone you would recommend, please pass that info along.

Thanks in advance.

My recs…

Vienna - Glacis Beisl, Heuriger Wieninger, Steirereck

Budapest - Costes, Biarritz if you’re in the area around parliament building. Avoid tired Bagolyvár. Was recommended Bock Bistro and Borkonyha but didn’t try myself. Definitely drink at some “ruin bars”!

Add Kim Kocht to Vienna. And maybe Österreicher Im Mak if you are looking for a good value gasthaus.

In Munich we ate at Tantris and had a wonderful meal, We also ate at Steireck in Vienna and it was one of our best meals ever. In Budapest we had two good dinners at Onyx and Costes. For a lunch treat go to Elso Pesti Reteshaz (First house of Strudel) and you can watch them make them as you smaple

I agree on Steirereck.

We also drove out to the Wachau Valley and ate at Landhaus Bacher. Another Top 100 restaurant in the world and deservedly so.

Adding some thoughts here following our trip in case anyone does a search for the same cities …


Tantris was underwhelming. The room is striking, the food was good (not great) but overpriced, and the service was poor. Seemed as though they might have been understaffed. The somm, Justin Leone, was an exception. He was engaged and helpful. I would not make a return trip.

Spatenhaus was good, Pfistermuhle was OK, and the Augustinerbrau Keller, a massive outdoor bier garten, was great for lunch although dinner on Friday night was a madhouse to be avoided. Schuhbeck’s is good old-school fine dining, if you like that sort of thing (i.e., a little stuffy).


Onyx was easily the best dinner of our trip. Splurge for this one if you have a chance. The International Tasting Menu was fantastic, including the breads and desserts. Room and service were also first-rate. Wines not so much—mainly Hungarian, adequate but no better than that.

Borkonhya Winekitchen was the first restaurant that I’ve exited without eating my meal since Pizzeria Uno in Forest Hills, ca. 1985. A one-hour wait between courses was the trigger. (The bread and appetizers weren’t that good either.)

Mak Bistro was an interesting hipster-ish dinner place. Good vibe, enthusiastic wine service, inventive “modern Hungarian” dishes. Not too pricey and definitely worth a try.


Plachutta has basic traditional Austrian food. There’s nothing thrilling here, but if you want a place to try Wiener schnitzel, you could probably do a lot worse than this place.

Rote Bar in the Hotel Sacher … meh. The others in my party wanted to try this old, traditional place which is the home of Sacher Torte. It’s very red.

I am in Munich a fair amount, other than Tantris, it’s been disappointing for a significant city. Well, the sausages and beer are good. Good luck.

Plachutta’s is very good Austrian, best schnitzel I’ve ever eaten,but their big deal is tafelspitz ( boiled beef). Nice outdoor terrace. For pastry and coffee I might skip Sacher and visit Demel. Better pastry and people watching. Heuriger are also a fun option but don’t expect great wine. The setting/vibe is very enjoyable.

Wieninger’s heuriger has pretty f’in good wine…

Ate at both in September and I still dream of Landhaus Bacher. I love that place.

I know it’s touristy - but you can’t go to Vienna and not hit up Sacher!

We dined at Bock Bisztro in Budapest and Schnattl in Vienna and give thumbs up to both as excellent food and a good value.don’t miss foie gras at Bock Bisztro since Hungary still has the real thing from goose liver.

+1 Tantrism it was great 2 yrs ago.


I let others with us talk us into going there. Fairly mediocre Sacher torte and strudel. I had a Sacher torte in Bratislava that put it to shame for a fraction of the price.

I had the same experience.

From now on, I make all the food-related decisions dammit!