Restaurant Recommendation for Louisville

I am going to be in Louisville for a long weekend in a couple of weeks, and I am looking for some restaurant recommendations that have good wine programs.

Nobody’s really know for the outstanding wine list. Here are my recs:
Lilly’s - High end
Seviche - Amazing food. Just outstanding. Nose to tail on the weekends.
Jack Fry’s - tough reservation to get on weekend, but worth the trouble
The previous three are within 3 furlongs of each other on Bardstown Rd.

Havana Rumba (St. Matthews location)
Asiatique - Pacific fusion (I know everyone says that, but this is seriously good food.)
21C - See and be seen, but great food
Corbett’s - I don’t know where you are staying, but this is 20 minutes from downtown.
610 magnolia - High(est) end, and great wine pairings. Chef Lee is a James Beard finalist, and he was on some cooking show recently.

No matter what the hotel people say, 4th St live is not worth it.

PM me if you need other recs.

21c’s resto is Proof on Main. Very good resto. Drink Bourbon, not wine.

610 Magnolia has things like C. Bouchard and Bocquenet, so I would consider a good list.