Restaurant menu

Anything stand out as a decent deal and drinking well? Will be paired with a nice rib eye.

I enjoy most bordeaux, burgandy and rhone. Still exploring and finding favourites. For the americans, this is fairly typical Canadian price gouging…

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Wow, for these prices i’d just pay corkage and BYO.

I just had a bottle of la dame de montrose with lunch yesterday at a steakhouse and it was priced at $160 (which I even thought was a bit high). Seeing yours at $250 is giving me a heart attack.


I had the same reaction


Right? I was considering the same or settling for a couple single glasses. The higher Napa cabs were even worse.

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Can you post a link to the full wine list? I could use a good laugh.


Actually the Oregon Pinots, while young, are not obscenely priced. Brunello’s also not too outrageous.

I think these are Canadian $, so deduct ~25% to get to US $.

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If you can get some buddies/other couples, you can knock off the Jeroboam of Krug for about $204 US a bottle/750. Otherwise, the Poyferre at $196 US. (Although I’m still working on the 2000s, and they still aren’t fully mature, I feel.)

Not super familiar with Brunello, any recommendations?

Thanks! Yeah I was looking at the Poyferre as a well, off vintage on the 2013 but I bet you’re right and is super young. Unfortunately just 2 for the Jeroboam but I’ll keep it in mind next round.

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2016 a good year for Brunello. I’ve enjoyed the Argiano with a good decant

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What a hideously priced list.

I guess I’d go with the ‘17 Frat. Alessandria Barolo. Only double retail and a fine Barolo.


Jeez. Just BYO.

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Some of these prices are absurd. 2015 Lynch-Bages for $400??

The 2014 Smith-Lafitte is not outrageous at around $180USD. Young but already drinks fine after a good decant.
For a cheaper option, 2009 Faustino I for $70 is ok for restaurant pricing and would drink just fine.

Generally a definite BYO restaurant based on that list.


Another classic garbage Canadian wine list. You can drink well in Canada but have to look hard.


Agree about Can pricing on wine. Just curious how the food prices compare with US.

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My impressions have been restaurant food prices might be more in Canada, but not by a wide margin. Wine didn’t seem much more expensive but my base line for restaurant pricing is PA (more expensive than most other states, much more expensive than NYC).

2018 Tawse Riesling is good. If you really are set on a red, '19 Bedrock Old Vines–but that looks like a 3.5 times markup. I don’t recognize any of the Brunello producers.

Portugese wines are not outrageous.