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The essay writing industry really must be desperate if you come to a website where the demographics is probably very definitely NOT your target audience to try to get business.

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Also, what PhD is only 75 pages long

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Sorry, but I can’t Believe this user hasn’t been banned. This is his first post? It’s a weak attempt at sales.

Hear, hear! I’ll bet the mods were sleeping or enjoying their Sat AM. What do we pay them for? [snort.gif]

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Also, what PhD is only 75 pages long

Yes. If I were the named University, I might consider legal action. There is another posting of a Masters thesis of 33 pages for a US university that is supposedly marketed to Australia. As spam goes, these seem particularly bad – and therefore somewhat humorous.

Anecdotal evidence but length has nothing to do with anything as far as dissertations go. My dissertation was 80 pages long (economics) and John Nash’s dissertation was 27 pages long (one of the shortest I know of off hand). Sure some dissertations are really long (my wife’s dissertation was like 150 pages in Political Science) but there are many fields where dissertations tend to be very short.

I assume people like John Nash arent outsourcing their PhD.

My own was about 150 pages and I think in America its typically longer

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