Request for any Napa locals to help tomorrow

I just put myself in a pickle. My wife and I along with another couple are going to Napa from Toronto this week-end. It’s their 30th anniversary (and my birthday), I didn’t have any 1993s for them and Benchmark has a 1993 Pahlmeyer which is perfect. Local pickup, drive past on our way to Yountville. Too good to be true. Bought it and another bottle to pickup. Then realized that they’re closed on the week-end and Monday is a holiday and that after buying them I won’t be able to get there.

Is there anyone local that could pick the two bottles up tomorrow for me and I’ll grab them from you on Saturday?

Did you try calling them and arrange for shipping/delivery to wherever you are staying? Or ask your hotel or AirBnB host for ideas?

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I’d be happy to do that for you. My office is less than a block away and i am here now. I will PM you my contact info.


With many thanks to Dustin it looks like we’re all set!


Rob, nice to meet you Saturday.

Curious your thoughts on the 1993 Pahlmeyer??

Thanks again @D_Mowe !

93 was singing. I don’t think it’s going to get any better but it’s in a great place. Very clear, clean and pure. Lovely tertiary notes, still good fruit.

Great night at French laundry, got a tour of the kitchen and wine cellar, got to spend 10-15 minutes with Thomas Keller, pretty great night! Then next night we did single thread which was very cool to do back to back.


very nice! love older vintage of pahlmeyer. just had mag of '95 which was fantastic.
if you had to pick one…which one would you go back? FL or ST

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I prefer French touched food to Japanese touched food so FL was always going to have a head start. ST was more inventive. Service at FL was demonstrably better.

There were a couple of dishes in each that will be very memorable for me, they were both superb meals but neither will probably live in my top 7-10 meals, certainly not in my top 5.

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